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10 Ways to Make Money Online

In today’s tough economy, sometimes you have to go about moneymaking in unconventional ways.  The good thing is that you can do from the comfort of your home!

1. EBay Selling

Start by selling your own things online, then you can learn to sell other people’s things. Sign contracts, and charge them a certain percentage of the profit for your effort. The potential is great because you already have the items in your possession and do not have to put much money upfront.

2. Freelance Writing

make money onlineMany small businesses and companies pay money to people that can write 200 to 600 word posts and articles. Start off by writing a batch of articles about a similar topic, and then offer to sell them as a package deal by the word or by the article.

3. Become a WordPress Expert

Assist blog owners by installing plug-ins, customizing themes, adding fonts and other tools to spice up blogs on WordPress. Contact bloggers and ask them if you can help upgrade their blogs. With the growing demand today, this can turn into a full time position.

4. Logo and Design Contests

The premise behind logo design sites is to find fast designs. Once an idea is posted, designers submit their ideas and will only get paid if their designs are chosen. It can be a slower earning income but once you learn what sells and what doesn’t, you will start to see results.

5. Become a Virtual Landlord

As a virtual landlord you can charge other people and companies a monthly fee or transaction fee to list their items on your website. With a steady flow of products, you can really excel in this market with little or no need to put money down on an office or extra equipment.

6. Online Yard Sales

Many people are using Facebook groups as a way to sell their products similar to a yard sale. Groups are made depending on geographical location, and people in the same general area who are searching for items are able to browse listings similar to a newspaper’s classified section. This is also a quick but effective way to sell your things.

7. Help Friends Find Jobs

Websites like ReferEarns and Wise Stepp work by matching employers to employees, and once a candidate is hired the recruiter is rewarded anywhere from $50 all the way up to $1,000.

8. Sell Photography

Companies search for stock photos to use in their advertisements and promotional material, and search for these pictures using keywords.  Uploading your pictures onto websites like Fotolia and Getty Images provides you a quick and easy way to make money.

9. Start Your Own Blog

Blogging is becoming more and more popular. Not only can you earn money by blogging for your business, but you can also make money by selling ads on your blog to other companies. The demand for this type of work will continue as long as online advertisements are popular. (Contact Intergalactic Web Designers to get you started in your own blog.)

10. Social Media Marketing

Last but not least, social media marketing seems to be the wave of the future. Most companies now advertise their services on a number of social media websites, and yours can too. Whether you are selling handmade crafts or trying to increase business to your automotive shop, using the popularity of these sites to your advantage can put extra money in your pocket easily.

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