Everyone Can Learn at Harvard (Infographic)


The Rising Power of MOOCs: Now, everyone can learn at Harvard (or Yale, or…) 3 years ago, MOOCs were an idea. Now…. 5 million: number of students signed on to MOOCs, around the world 33,000: the average number of students that sign up for a MOOC The Dream: MOOCs Can: • Offer Ivy League Courses […]

How Have Millennials Done So Far? (Infographic)


What Do You Do When You’re 27? Older millennials were blindsided by the recession, and one of the first generations to take out massive debt for school. They are also one of the tech-savviest generations, and attended post-secondary institutions more than any other generation. Lets take a look at how they’re doing — at 27. […]

Milestones of Child Development (Infographic)

Childhood development

Your Little Rocket Scientist Welcome to the rapidly expanding world of your child: 90% of your child’s brain capacity develops before age 5… By age three a child’s brain has formed 3 quadrillion connections. Brain development between 0-3 years old is the most significant period of development the brain ever undergoes. Three year old’s have […]

The Financial Pitfalls of a DUI


For most American families, financial stability is a very fleeting thing. In fact, according to recent statistics, one-third of us are living paycheck-to-paycheck, which makes us vulnerable to financial emergencies. In many households, a “financial emergency” may arise if a child comes home and asks for $20 for tomorrow’s field trip. You may be able […]

The Hidden Financial Consequences of Divorce

Divorce Expenses

Most people are prepared for the obvious financial consequences of a divorce – for example, paying alimony and child support or splitting the house and cars – but what about the less obvious financial consequences? Preparation is a key to successfully managing your family finances, so don’t lose the key at this critical moment. Divorce […]

The Benefits Of Raising Musical Children

Music lessons for you child

As a parent, you want the best for your children and want to see them grow with the best educational opportunities. Among these opportunities is the chance for you to obtain a musical education for your child, whether in a professional, academic setting, or through private means, such as a tutor at home. Modern research […]

Save Money On Language Learning Software

Learn another language

The melting pot that the world is becoming makes fluency in two or more languages a valuable asset. Having language skills opens many doors and opportunities with careers, networking, and travel. Most people who desire to learn a new language are under the misconception that they must finance travel abroad or invest in expensive software […]

The Importance of Hiring the Right Lawyer

Family member in jail?

Realistically, there are many reasons that you want a good lawyer on your side. The law can be complex and  having sound legal advice and good representation is critical. Not just because you don’t want to spend time in jail. Lawyers can help in a variety of different situations, although if you watch TV you […]