Fun Ways to Teach Your Child Money Management

The media is always talking about how the children of today aren’t being prepared properly for the future. And one key area that is lacking in public education is knowing how to manage their money. Here are some fun ways to teach your kids about money. Educational Gaming Video games are often blamed for inducing violent behaviour in […]

Simple Ways to Save Electricity Even a Child Can Understand

When it comes to reducing electricity use at home, most people think of buying energy efficient washing machines and refrigerators. While this is not a bad approach, it does not encompass all energy saving aspects. One way of keeping energy costs at home down is by teaching your children the importance of saving electricity. Some […]

Babies are Expensive- Adoption or Fertility Treatments- More So

Kids are expensive. Everybody knows this. In fact, budgeting for a new baby has become something of a science that many new parents are trying to perfect. Babies are expensive enough when they are produced naturally. When you have to factor in the cost of fertility treatments or infertility options on the other hand, that […]

Teaching Children The Basics Of Finance

It’s amazing how many people do not realize that the reason adults have problems with finance is because they were not taught financial responsibility as kids. Many parents make the mistake of thinking that business matters are too complicated for children to understand, or they just plain believe that kids should not be involved in […]

Teaching Children: Sustainability or Stewardship?

Christians are often accused of being insensitive to the green movement because we doubt the “global warming” data and see “green” as just another government ploy to gain control and power. But as Christians, whether we believe the data or not, we are still called to be good stewards of what God has given us. And […]

Help Build Your Child’s Computer Literacy

Computers have become an integral part of home and schoolwork. Research carried out by TechAddiction found that six percent of the surveyed children less than eight years old already use a computer for homework, while 10% use educational software.  These days it is important that even children are introduced to the world of computers as early […]

Budgeting for a Baby

Despite what modern people might claim, quite a number still hold on to traditional dreams and desires. Probably the best example of such a dream is that of one day having a family of your own. Kids are great no doubt, they bring joy, excitement and a sense of awe and wonder to life but […]

Money Management for Kids

Many grew up watching our parents scrimp and save in order to have money left at the end of the week; many more have watched their parents struggle in order to pay their bills. Regardless of how you were brought up, most of what you first learn about money management and well-being stems from what […]