Save Money On Language Learning Software

Learn another language

The melting pot that the world is becoming makes fluency in two or more languages a valuable asset. Having language skills opens many doors and opportunities with careers, networking, and travel. Most people who desire to learn a new language are under the misconception that they must finance travel abroad or invest in expensive software […]

The Permanent Vacation

$20 per Day

Over the years my wife Lisa and I have traveled quite a bit. Together we’ve visited Canada, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Thailand and China (plus a few others). Separately, I’ve visited a few more. We’ve often considered moving to one of these beautiful, relaxed and low cost locations. Each has its own charm and […]

Stop the Madness: How to Finance an Intervention


In cases involving serious chemical dependency problems, often, a simple family intervention may not be enough. You may need a professional to come in. The costs involved may be far greater than you can afford, though. You may need to find financial assistance. Picking the Right Intervention Model Many people shy away from the very […]

Influence and Job Security

Climbing the corporate ladder

These days, job security has become a thing of the past, so we all have to work that little bit harder to become irreplaceable. In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. ~Coco Chanel We know we must be committed to the goals of the company and keen to do all we can to help the business thrive. But we also need […]

3 Tips for Learning How to Play the Drums On a Budget

How to play drums

Believe it or not, learning how to play the drums is one of the most enriching activities a person can take on. Drumming is not only a great deal of fun, but can be very enriching both mentally and physically (it’s better exercise than many people realize!). It is so good for you there is […]

A Tax Guide for the Self-Employed


Working from home has a lot of benefits, one of which is substantial tax savings. And although filing your taxes might be complicated in the beginning, nonetheless you need to learn how to do it properly. Whether you work from home as a freelance writer, designer or a business consultant you should be aware of […]

4 Reasons Your Family Might Need Counseling

  No family is perfect; and sometimes their problems can’t be solved within the family itself. That’s why it can really help to take your problems to a stranger—your counselor! Here are four times when you should do this. 1. The Parents are Separating or Divorcing If you and your spouse are splitting up and […]

How Valuable is Your Mum?

Mum's Company

Can you really put a price on your mum? Probably not, for many of us our mothers are priceless, there for us through thick and thin and will love us no matter what. Whether your mum works full or part time or is a stay at home mum, sometime we often take for granted the […]