Finding the House of Your Dreams

Buying a house

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial investments you can make in your life but looking for a home is stressful. You know the payoff will be great, but the agents and the time spent on drive-bys can feel like a chore. You also get tunnel vision, where you’ve seen something so many […]

Tips for Renting a Storage Unit

Storage units can help reduce size of living space needed

Some cities like Los Angeles have traditionally been one of the highest-cost cities in America and although prices dropped during the housing crunch they are rebounding rapidly. In areas like this, storage units have become a popular method to help combat those costs by allowing residents to live in smaller spaces. With some Tetris skills […]

Becoming a Landlord: Should You “Buy-To-Let”?

Buy to let mortgages may be an option

With interest rates remaining low, the idea of becoming a landlord with a low interest mortgage and high rental income has become an attractive option. After all, putting your money in property has generally been considered a relatively safe long term option. Although the 2008 real estate crisis caused some temporary concern for those wishing to sell…  landlords […]

How to Sell your Home Quickly and Profitability

"Ben's First Family Home" by Jennifer Morrow on Flickr

With British property prices rising at their fastest rate since 2010, individuals who are looking to sell their home face a deceptively difficult challenge if they are to achieve their goals. You would think that rising property prices reflect increasing demand and that would be a good thing, however, there may come a point in […]

Should You Ditch Your Real Estate Agent?

Consider an online estate agent the next time you need to sell a home

The housing market is very slowly gathering momentum, but most house sellers and renters are finding themselves increasingly frustrated at the cut that the real estate agents take for seemingly not a lot of work. So a small number of house sellers have turned their backs on traditional approach and instead are opting for online […]

Selling Your House Through Social Media

sell your home using social media

Did you log into Facebook today? How about Twitter or LinkedIn? Social networks have been one of the biggest revolutions in how we talk to each other since the invention of the telephone, and there’s no end to the ways in which enterprising users are using social media to change and develop the way our […]

Tips for House Hunting in a Recession

Tips for house hunting in a recession

There are two sides to buying a house. One is if you like the property and it fits your requirements and the other is that you can actually afford it. They are both  important but unless you have an unlimited budget you will have to make some trade-offs . Here are a few tips to […]

Tips for First Time Buyers: Taking your First Steps on the U.K. Property Market

First time buyers need to consider location

Money in the UK: As the growth in the British housing market reaches its fastest pace in two and a half years, much is being done to improve the increasingly fragile levels of consumer confidence. While this is largely positive news, however, it may have a deceptively negative impact on anyone who aspires to purchase […]