Nursing Home Versus Home Health Care

Long Term Care

Often as people age, they reach a point when they can’t care for themselves due to their health, physical limitations or risk of falling. They need assistance. Sometimes it is just for medications and regular health status checks such as blood pressure or glucose. Other times, they need more help, such as with personal care […]

Costs Associated With Home Health Care


Studies across the country estimate that at least 70 % of people, over the age of 65, will need some form of long-term health care or support services in the future, given the longevity of life in present times. Caregiving is usually an emotional strain, taking a toll on the health and emotional balance of the caregiver. […]

Common Myths About Nursing Homes

For seniors and their families, the prospect of becoming one of the 1.5 million people who reside in a nursing home can be scary. If you haven’t had experience with nursing homes, you probably don’t even realize how little the majority of people know about day to day life inside one. A lot of public […]

Avoiding Care Home Fees in the U.K.

The Aging U.K. Population There is no avoiding the fact that the population of the UK is getting older, and the changes in society over the last few decades mean that the informal support networks we used to rely on are no longer available for everyone.  It is a fact that many of us (up […]

Why Do I Need a Long Term Care Insurance Policy?

Why Do I need a long term care policy

Long Term Care Insurance For the first 32 years of my life, I gave absolutely no thought to long-term care insurance policies. By the time I turned 33, I was thankful my grandparents had the foresight to purchase a policy. Both were diagnosed with probable Alzheimer’s disease, and my father, their only son, was struggling with cancer and dementia […]