Family Action Plan: How to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Eliminate credit card debt

Credit card debt can sneak up on the best of us. After all, there’s just so much stuff to buy. There are new shoes, video games, and that out-of-state trip to Vegas. Unfortunately, the interest rates cripple your bank balance and you soon find yourself in credit card debt. You can feel as if you […]

How to Up Your Credit Score

up your credit score

Credit is crucial. In fact, your credit score determines your ability to procure auto loans, credit cards and home mortgages. Some might say that it can make or break your financial future. Main Credit Scoring Agencies There are three major consumer credit reporting agencies that operate in the United States: Equifax, Experian and Transunion. When a lender considers […]

How to Juice Up Your Credit Score

By Alex Summers Your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your financial life. No matter what you think about credit and debt, there’s no shaking the fact that a lot of companies use your credit score to make decisions about you. Everyone knows that banks and credit card companies use your […]

Credit Utilization Ratio and Your Credit Cards

What is a Credit Utilization Ratio? When it comes to your credit score, we all know that things like your account and payment history are factored in. However there is one important component that most people aren’t even aware of – your “credit utilization ratio”. In a nutshell, it is the percentage of available credit which you […]

10 Ways To Ensure Online Credit Card Security

Shopping has never been this convenient… with the Internet boom and just a few mouse clicks, you can preview all the information you need to decide whether you’re going to make a purchase. Are you looking for the latest novel by your favorite author? Just log on to Amazon and order the book in just a […]

Credit Card Ground Rules for Young Adults

Credit cards can be a useful tool in helping build a credit rating. You can help the young adult in your family to learn good money management skills and avoid racking up debt with their credit card by setting appropriate and responsible limits on the credit card. Here are a few helpful ground rules that […]

Managing Debt for a Better Tomorrow

By Tim McMahon, editor If you are one of the millions in debt, then you are no stranger to the harassing calls from creditors at all hours and the burdens related to being in debt. Some may say good credit doesn’t matter… but sooner or later a time will come when you will hit a […]

3 Simple Steps to Pay Off Your Loan or Credit Card

If, like many people, you have outstanding bank loans or credit card debt, you may worry about these bills, but there are ways in which you can alleviate this tension. In this article we are going to show you 3 simple steps which will help you to overcome the stress of paying back what you […]