7 Ways Today’s Families Can Build and Protect Their Wealth

plan on using wise wealth management techniques to build your estate so you can leave something for your heirs even if you never received anything yourself.

Is Life Insurance for Pensioners?

When it comes to life insurance there always seems to be a focus on newlyweds, young families and mortgages. However, the older generation can benefit as much from life insurance as the younger one. Taking Out Life Insurance Life insurance is sold to younger people to make sure that in the event of their death […]

3 Reasons to Protect Your Family With Life Insurance

No one likes to think about death, but it is inevitable for all of us. If you have a family, one critical element of Estate Planning is to protect your loved ones with a life insurance policy. Whether you choose whole life or term life depends on your personal circumstances. The same principles apply to the amount of […]

Planning Your Estate: 6 Things To Remember

Estate planning is a must for anyone who has a family or even a single loved ones who has to be looked after. One common misconception is that estate planning is only for those who are wealthy or have a large amount of assets to their name. Though not a pleasant topic, some basic estate planning is essential to ensure […]

What are Long Term Investment Accounts?

Long Term Investment Accounts Long-term investment accounts are used by investors as a way to earn returns that will be realized at some point in the future. Investors in these types of accounts are generally not concerned with earning money that will be used right away. Instead, the purpose of these accounts is saving for some need […]

Is a Retirement Annuity the Answer for your Retirement Savings?

Retirement Annuity You’ve probably heard that investment plans and financial schemes like, IRAs and 401 (k), are the best ways to plan for retirement. This might be true in most cases, but not always. For instance if you have invested your maximum contribution for the year to your retirement account and you’re seeking to add a bit more more. What can you do? In this case, among others, investing in […]