Is a Health Savings Account Right for You?

Health Savings Accounts

What is a Private Health Savings Account? A health savings account is a special account that individuals in the United States can use to pay for certain medical expenses. It is  ”tax-advantaged” similar to an IRA. The idea of the health savings account (HSA) is to help offset high-deductible health insurance plans and thus allow […]

Are You Gambling with Your Family Finances?

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Protecting Against Emergencies Protecting your family from disaster doesn’t have to be difficult. Of course, having an emergency fund is a good place to start, but what about other disasters that are right around the corner? What do you do about medical emergencies, pet emergencies, or a natural disaster? Health Insurance With Obamacare health insurance […]

Beware of Bad Drivers and Insurance Scams


We have all encountered bad drivers, whether they’re screeching round corners, tailgating or simply “road hogs”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Insurance Scams Insurance scams are nothing new, just the tactics change- as insurance companies catch on and the scammers try to stay one step ahead.  The latest reported is the ‘flash for cash’ scam, usually […]

Camps, Cottages and More: Understanding Your Vacation Property Insurance in Canada


Although you may understand your homeowner’s insurance, vacation property carries with it different risks that you need to understand. First of all, you’re not living in your vacation home year-round so there are vacancy and possibly tenant related risks. And even if you do spend a considerable amount of time there, vacation homes are often outfitted or even built differently than traditional […]

Investing in Your Future: As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Investing the right way

Start the money ball rolling by putting a few dollars away and before long you’ll  be able to develop a whole new approach to money… a little less focus on getting the next shiny object and more on building long term sustainable wealth. Saving will not only boost your financial security and your credit scores but it will also reduce stress and worry […]

Select your Bicycle Insurance Wisely

Bicycle Insurance

If you think bicycle insurance isn’t important, think again. Whether you ride competitively or just for recreation, choose wisely when going for bicycle insurance as it can be one of the most crucial choices of a bike rider’s life. 1.     Check the Policies for the Type of Riding You Do There are a variety of […]

Tips for Buying Car Insurance

Car insurance

If you have limited funds, car insurance could seem like an outrageous expense. But if you get caught driving without it, it could cost you even more in fines, court fees, and even impound fees. Several factors influence car insurance rates and, if you are trying to insure an existing car, many of those things […]

4 Tips to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs

Homeowners insurance

Having adequate homeowner’s insurance is important because it will cover you if something happens to your home/belongings. Having appropriate coverage when you buy your home can give you peace of mind and protect your investment. For example, dog bite injuries are common and happen more often than you think. And as a homeowner you are […]