Archives for December 2009

The Wealthy Buy Assets, the Poor Buy Liabilities, and the Middle Class Buy Liabilities Believing They Are Assets

An asset puts money into your pocket while a liability takes money out of your pocket. Sounds simple enough but the wealthy know something the middle class do not.

Why Would Anyone Pay $450 for a Black Credit Card?

In these tough economic times, it seems almost inconceivable that anyone would actually pay $450 a year for a “Black” Credit Card. After all you can get all kinds of cards for no annual fee! But…

Help! Our Mortgage Payment is Too High!

I recently heard about a couple that needs financial help. They are in the real estate business and not surprisingly due to the real estate crash, their income has dropped significantly in the last two years from $10,000 a month to $5,700!

Give the Gift of Wealth

This Christmas instead of giving your children or grandchildren mindless video games, or strange looking dolls called “Brats”,  why not give them something that will change their life for the better? I know that sounds a bit ambitious but in fact it is quite possible! As a matter of fact this kid’s game actually did […]