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Wildest Dreams DVD

Wildest Dreams DVD




In Your Wildest Dreams

“When high school senior Mark Andrews’ accidental investment makes him a millionaire overnight, he must make a difficult decision about honesty, integrity and the price of wealth and success. Mark dreams of making it big and living the fast-paced life of the wealthy and successful. Mark thinks his wildest dreams have come true when he uses the wrong computer to make a simulated stock purchase and accidentally makes a million dollars. Unfortunately, Mark’s million turns out to be the money Mr. Banks, his girlfriend’s dad, needs to save his electronics company. Mark must decide if his idea of success is worth hurting those closest to him.” In Your Wildest Dreams

The Penny Promise

Meet Will Duncan, a man who tells his young friend, Dusty, that “an honest heart is more valuable than any amount of money.” Will wants to marry his sweetheart, Annie, and he promised her father that he would save $10,000 to prove he can take care of her. Will never breaks a promise. As a scheming rival does his best to add to Will’s money shortage, there is no shortage of laughs. Through it all, Will proves to be constantly courageous—and frequently funny—example of honesty.

This charming, family adventure tells the story of Richard Bastable, an 19th century inventor, who is on the verge of perfecting a refrigeration-machine when he runs out of money. His problems get worse when his five imaginative children pitch in to help. Everything they try just puts the family deeper in jeopardy. Only after enlisting the help of their friends are they able to solve their problems. The Penny Promise

Davey and Goliath

I watched them as a child and now your children can enjoy them, too. Guiding Light Videos has the Davey and Goliath series and many more Children’s Christian Videos, Games and Software. Also available on Amazon: Davey and Goliath

They also have Veggie Tales videos. I really love those silly songs!

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