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What’s a No Doc Or Low Doc Home Loan?

A “Low Doc” or sometimes called “Low Doc Home loan” are mortgage or home loans where documentation for verification of your income is not required. However, all other documentation is. These loans are ideally suited to self-employed, independent contractors, investors, credit rating impaired, ex-bankrupt or clients with arrears on current mortgages and borrowers who have […]

Credit Scoring On Mortgage Refinancing

For years, lenders have utilized “credit scoring” to determine whether or not an individual is a good credit risk.  Credit scoring has recently become a hot topic, due in large part by the mortgage lending industry’s willingness to use the process to evaluate one’s likelihood of repaying home mortgage refinancing or second mortgage loans.  Even […]

Job Loss and Bad Credit – Related?

Unfortunately, many employers put stock in the faulty idea that bad credit is synonymous with bad morals. You know this is a ridiculous belief, but many leaders in the corporate world accept it as doctrine. It is not unheard of in these economic times for employers to perform credit checks on their staff, claiming that […]