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Reward Points: The Best Credit Cards with Family Friendly Prizes

ABC’s Good Morning America has reported that 40 to 45 percent of all existing credit cards are now connected to a rewards program. These cards are offering consumers of all ages great rewards that meet their lifestyles. Those consumers include families with kids of all ages. If your family hasn’t been utilizing rewards credit cards, […]

Bad Financial Advice Abounds

By Tim McMahon, editor I just recently received a email that made me mad. I get extremely upset when I see bad financial advice being palmed off on an unsuspecting public. What made me so mad? It was an email with the subject line:  “The answer to getting caught up financially is here.” Sounds interesting […]

Saving Up for your First Car – Top Tips

By Stephanie Staszko Buying a first car be financially draining due to the buyer having no previous car to sell and ease the cost. Applying for a car loan is the most obvious step to funding a first car but there are other small tips that can help first time car buyers save money for their much […]

Tips to Generate Home Equity

Home equity is the difference between the amount you owe on your loan, and the amount your home is worth. Building equity is like saving, but without you having to do a thing. Your home increases in value without you have to do anything other than maintain it, and as long as you pay your […]

Eliminate Debt Before You Retire

No one wants to spend their retirement worrying about money. Unfortunately, in today’s economic environment debt is common.  Once you retire it is almost certain that your income will decline. But if you have loads of debt, your expenses will stay almost the same or even grow with the accumulation of interest. In days past, […]