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How to Effectively Compare Removalist Companies

Moving into a new home is an expensive prospect. With the cost of settling in looming in front, you can do well to save some money on house moving. There are many house removal companies for you to choose from and hence, there are a variety of prices on offer. Browsing around will help you […]

Why Occupy Wall Street is Wrong-Headed

By Alex Summers   If you turn on the news, you will discover that the mainstream media is taking the side of the protestors in the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations across the country. The only outlet that is not giving this group a walk in the park is Fox News, who are trying to analyze […]

Take Control of Your Life

People spend their lives dreaming of the day when they will finally be in control of their own destiny.  As children they dream of the day they get to tie their own shoelaces and choose their own food. As young teenagers they dream of the freedom of having their own car and as older teens […]

Credit Utilization Ratio and Your Credit Cards

What is a Credit Utilization Ratio? When it comes to your credit score, we all know that things like your account and payment history are factored in. However there is one important component that most people aren’t even aware of – your “credit utilization ratio”. In a nutshell, it is the percentage of available credit which you […]

Why You Should Discuss Finances Before Saying I Do

Getting married is a time of joy for any couple. The thought of living the rest of your life with your best friend is normally consuming during the wedding planning time, and any other additional thoughts are placed on the wedding planning itself. There are reservations to be booked, dresses to be bought, and table […]