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How to Effectively Compare Removalist Companies

Moving into a new home is an expensive prospect. With the cost of settling in looming in front, you can do well to save some money on house moving. There are many house removal companies for you to choose from and hence, there are a variety of prices on offer. Browsing around will help you select the best company. Yet, there are many removalist companies that have untrained workers and an unprofessional attitude. Moving is an easy job and they are in it to make a quick buck. These are the companies you have to avoid. Here are some tips for effectively comparing removalist companies.


First and foremost, you have to enquire about the staff. The staff has to be trained. Your belongings are going to include highly volatile and feeble goods such as glassware and electronic appliances. You need trained personnel to handle them or else they might end up getting damaged during house removal. Refuse any companies that don’t have a trained staff. As a side note, you can ask about where they have received their training from. Also, uniformed staffs are the hallmark of a professional removalist company.

Employment Status

The next thing you need to check is if the workers are employed on a full-time basis or are working casually. Casual staffs are hardly what you need when you are already under stress from dealing with all the things related to house moving. Fully employed staffs means that the company is legitimate, stable and has been working in this field for some time. An experienced hand makes a lot of difference when handling something as challenging as house moving.

Free Citation

Good removalist companies send a surveyor ahead of the moving time to make an assessment of the goods that have to be transported. The reliable companies don’t charge anything for this visit. Moreover, you are also given a free estimate and fixed price for the moving. If the company you contact does not do this, it is a sign that you should contact another one.


The experienced removalist companies provide boxes and cartons for effective packing. Even if they aren’t able to do so, they are able to suggest some place where you can get them easily. The novices and amateurs don’t take responsibility for helping you with the packing stage. They are only looking to load the boxes on to trucks and drive them to your new abode.

Payment Method

One of the most effective criteria for comparing removalist companies is the payment method they ask for. Reliable and experienced companies make all their transactions via checks or credit cards. If the company asks for payment in cash, this means that they are ameteurs when it comes to house removal.


Insurance is a tricky issue when it comes to house removal. The standard insurance policies provided for by removalist companies don’t cover all of your belongings. You have to ask the company beforehand about the things that will be covered and those that won’t. A good removalist company will be able to help you with the complete insurance procedure.

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