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Appliances That Bump Up Your Electricity Bill

Do you know how much you pay for your electricity every month? Most of us don’t always take a good look at our utility bills, preferring to pay the amount due without so much as a perfunctory glance at the numbers that reflect our consumption pattern. This bad habit prevents us from knowing where and […]

Don’t Throw Out Old Appliances, Save Money By Fixing Them!

If a key home appliance fails then it can be very costly to replace, but you don’t want the dirty laundry piling up because the washing machine isn’t working. There is a simple alternative to buying a replacement that can save you a lot of money. Every year thousands of repairable home appliances are being […]

Why Are We Working Harder For Less?

  These days, the standard for most Americans is to work harder and harder at work everyday. Between bosses pushing us to the absolute limit and increased expectations from clients and customers, it seems like there is no room for failure. Everyone is being asked to do more work in the guise of a bad […]

Money-Saving Ideas for Frugal Moms and Dads

Being a mom or dad is not always an easy task, nor a cheap one. There are many things that must be considered when providing for your children and raising a happy, healthy family. Necessary items such as food, medicine, and household goods are all required expenses. Then there are things like clothing and family […]

Surviving the Black Friday Pandemonium

With the economy in a slump many people have gotten caught up in the day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday” madness this year. The advertisements and media hype can have you working up a storm about getting to the big box retailers to snap up the best deals. But when you step back to think about all of […]

Putting a Gleam in Your IRA

You likely have seen invitations to open a “Gold IRA” or something with a similar name. Perhaps you should, but before you do, think about why an Individual Retirement Account might or might not be a good place to hold gold. That may tell you something about the best way to introduce gold into your IRA. Gold isn’t the only investment that raises the “Does it belong in an IRA?” question. Every investment does. And for every investment, the answer is, “It depends.” It depends on the nature of the other assets in your overall portfolio. It depends on how big the IRA is compared to your total holdings. And it depends on your judgment as to which investments are likely to be the most profitable.

Homes Turning Into Warzone Over Fear of Energy Bills

The energy companies have done it again. Just as the winter approaches, they have felt the need to increase their prices when consumers’ consumption is at its highest. With an average price increase on gas of 17.4 per cent and an average increase of 10.8 per cent on electricity, energy supplier look set to rake […]