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Tips For Obtaining Extra Funds in Retirement

The Good Old Days are Gone Years ago when a person hired into a job it was generally until the age of retirement, 30+ years. Companies gave pensions to workers to encourage longevity with the company. The retiree had a 401K, CD’s paying 15%, stock and bonds, and other high interest savings accounts. At retirement they lived […]

8 Solid Ways to Insure Your Family for Less

Everyone knows that insurance can be quite expensive, especially if you have a whole family to insure. With all the different types of insurance out there, it can be hard to know how to get the quality insurance your family needs for less money. Fortunately there are some things you can do to make insurance […]

4 Low-Cost Tricks to Promote Your Small Business More Effectively

By Tim Brown Unless you promote your business, there is hardly a chance of it succeeding. Running your business effectively requires that you promote it effectively. One way to do that is  by hiring professionals to do the job. However, you may be on a tight budget. In that case, here are some low cost steps to […]

Don’t Give Up On Those New Year’s Resolutions Yet

After a week or two of the New Year, many of us are starting to wonder why we ever vowed to those resolutions in the first place. Sure we want to get our spending under control or shed a few extra pounds, but these goals require lifestyle changes that aren’t always the easiest to make. […]

How Expensive It Is To Bring Up A Child In The US?

With the current economic meltdown and post recession hangover, the cost of almost everything has been increasing by leaps and bounds.And the cost of child care is no exception. The latest updates of Department of Agriculture (USA) claims the cost of raising a child has been amplified ten times since 1960. In fact for a family […]

Making Financial Resolutions for the New Year

Christmas has past and the new year is upon us. It’s a great time for some personal reflection. First, look back and think about last year. Did you have a good year? A worthwhile one? Did you treat people well and appreciate your family? Did you enjoy yourself? Did you conduct your finances in a […]