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4 Low-Cost Tricks to Promote Your Small Business More Effectively

By Tim Brown

Unless you promote your business, there is hardly a chance of it succeeding. Running your business effectively requires that you promote it effectively. One way to do that is  by hiring professionals to do the job. However, you may be on a tight budget. In that case, here are some low cost steps to market your business. Remember, effective  promotions lead to higher profits.

1. Employing Social Media

Expand your business through social media. Interactive marketing in the US will hit nearly
$55 billion by 2014. Social media is expected to increase to $3.1 billion by 2014. Social marketing
is a top priority for 45% of senior marketers. Companies are adopting social media tools such
as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to effectively market their business. Every company must
participate in social media to stay competitive. The web and social media have transformed the
communication process for the marketers. The opportunities presented with this faster means of
communication should be availed by the marketers to accelerate the market acceptance of their

2. Exhibition stands

One of the best ways to generate sales for a newly setup business is through customized exhibition
stands. Promotional stands are effective for generating initial sales and marketing a new business.
It is essential that you present yourself in a professional manner and be able to capture your target
audience’s attention. Make your stand attractive by add high quality graphics and banners. It is vital
that you portray yourself as a truly professional company with great prospects.

3. Brochures and business stationary

Giving out brochures and business stationary is an effective way to promote your business. Design
an eye catching brochure and provide the consumers with all the essential detail about your
business. Don’t forget to add important contact details. Business stationary is also an effective
marketing tool for promoting your business.

4. Press releases

Press releases are a great way to attract the target audience effectively. It is important that the press
release is properly formatted in order to achieve the desired impact. Another thing to keep in mind
is that your press release is engaging and provides a quick read.

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