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3 Basics of Financial Responsibility

By Angelita Williams We’ve all seen articles giving advice on how to budget, where to invest, and when to save. Certainly, these tips can be worthwhile, but it can be very difficult to sort the useful tips from the less useful ones. Moreover, personal finance tips don’t help much unless you understand the basics of personal finance and financial […]

Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

By Kevin Craig One of the first ways people make money online is with affiliate marketing. It’s possible to generate a full time living with affiliate marketing but over ninety per cent of affiliates give up too soon. Following a few techniques is all you need to become a successful affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is beneficial for both the product creator as […]

Save on Automobile Insurance

Whenever you go shopping, you probably look for the best deal. The same can be true for automobile insurance. Research and careful decision making, can pay off in finding the best deal especially when it comes to searching for automobile auto insurance quotes. Using an insurance agent (either independent, or with a company) is the […]

10 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Family Vacation

By Aaron Schulman Going on a family vacation should be relaxing and create lasting memories. Those memories shouldn’t be marred by worries about how you are going to finance the trip or how you are going to pay the bills once you are home again. A well-researched, planned out trip does not have to break the bank. […]

Family Finances Video

If you have a minute, watch this video for some great money saving tips to help out your family budget during this difficult economic time.  Please be patient while the video loads… it may take a couple of seconds, depending on your connection speed.   We also have excellent market commentary from president and MarketClub […]

Online Calculators Can Help Increase Your Savings

By Alex Summers We’re all interested in saving as much money as possible. While the best online banks will help you plan properly for retirement or future college tuition expenses through their own services, several other online references will help you find better ways to save your money. A few of those are online calculators including: […]

How to Juice Up Your Credit Score

By Alex Summers Your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your financial life. No matter what you think about credit and debt, there’s no shaking the fact that a lot of companies use your credit score to make decisions about you. Everyone knows that banks and credit card companies use your […]

Teaching Children How to Save Money – But Also How To Spend And To Give

By Alex Summers When it comes to children and money, the traditional perspective is that kids need to be taught how to save. Parents will give their son or daughter a piggy bank, hand them a quarter once a week, and then instruct their child to save those quarters until the bank becomes full and […]