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5 Steps toward a Stronger Financial Future

By Kim Moore Learn How to Build a Secure Future for your Family For the most of us, financial security is a huge priority when it comes to our family. Being able to provide food, shelter and a good life is paramount. There are many things that can stand in the way of a strong […]

7 Easy Ways to Eliminate Wasteful Spending

By Kim Moore Tips to Help you keep more of your Money Many of us feel powerless when it comes to our finances. Luckily, we can reclaim our power and take charge of our financial lives. As parents, we have a responsibility to our families to make the most of every dollar. If things feel […]

5 Top Tips For A Lower Shopping Bill

By Jessica Mackie Shopping: you either love it or hate it but it’s a fact of life and it can be an expensive fact. Here are 5 tips everyone can try to bring that checkout total down to a more manageable figure. Grow What You Can You can’t grow fries or pizza but you can […]

A Family Budget = Less Stress?

A Simple Formula to Secure Your Family’s Financial Future Just as none of us would think of leaving the house without the basic necessities – diaper bag, Sippy cup, cell phone, snacks – we should approach our finances with as much care and planning. Yet you’d be surprised at how many mothers have little to no […]

Affordable Health Insurance

Affordable Health Insurance By Zoe Williams With public health services struggling to keep up with high demand and long waiting lists for treatment, private health insurance coverage is becoming a more attractive option. While at first glance the cost of insurance may seem high, it does not need to be expensive. There are ways that […]

How Valuable is Your Mum?

Can you really put a price on your mum? Probably not, for many of us our mothers are priceless, there for us through thick and thin and will love us no matter what. Whether your mum works full or part time or is a stay at home mum, sometime we often take for granted the […]

Ten Percent Yields Without Buying a Single Stock?

By Alex Daley, Casey Research The average interest rate for a savings account today is 0.45%. It wasn’t that long ago that one could easily earn 5% in a well-chosen savings account, like those offered by ING Direct, or bump that up by a point or two by putting money away in a CD. Thanks […]

Is a House Ever a Good Investment?

In the past few decades, the concept of home ownership has been completely turned on its head. Previously, homes were considered a very long-term consumption good. Do you think anyone in the 18th, 19th, and prior centuries ever considered tripling the value of their homes by retirement time and selling them to move beachside? In the vast majority of cases, such ideas never crossed their minds. Yet, somehow along the way, this became a reasonable investment expectation. Even today, home buyers still make their purchases with the hopes of escalating prices. But are homes really wise investments?