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Getting the Best Home Insurance Quote

By Nicola Winters

A property is a huge investment that will take further time and money to maintain. Protecting it, therefore against damage, theft and other natural occurrences is essential to ensure a home owner and their family are financially secure and stable. On top of mortgage expenses, bills and other commitments, paying for home insurance may seem a little impractical; however the benefits of having it substantially outweighs the negatives. Following these simple steps will help in finding cheaper, more affordable home insurance quotes:

Review Contents Regularly

Ensuring that belongings and appliances are covered by insurance in the event of an accident or theft is important, especially if the items are expensive or have sentimental value. However, people quickly replace their belongings with new ones, or add to their collection. Not keeping on top of contents cover can mean losing out on a pay-out to replace them if they were stolen or damaged. Also, as tenants or family members leave they take with them their belongings, meaning those households that do not review their circumstances regularly may be paying for unnecessary items.

Join Community Groups

Although the idea of joining a Neighbourhood Watch group doesn’t appeal to every home owner, insurance companies do recognise this as, what they deem, a ‘good behaviour’. Being actively involved in these types of groups will help keep premiums down.

Increase security

Installing tools such as burglar alarms, fire extinguishers and storm shutters will also increase the chances of cheaper home insurance quotes and is another example of a ‘good behaviour’.

Increase the deductible

Many households will pay for minor damages despite being able to make a claim to cover the expenses. If this is the case then increasing the deductible on a policy will almost certainly reduce monthly payments. The deductible is the amount a person is required to pay on the insurance before a provider will pay out. The general rule here is the higher the deductible, the lower the monthly payments.

Approach an existing provider

For those who already have taken out a different type of insurance policy with a company, their first port of call should be their existing provider as many insurer’s offer discounts for combining two or more policies. This discount can even reach up to 15% in some cases.

Consider risks

Some companies include hurricane, earthquake and flood cover in a policy, whereas others will leave it as an option. Carefully examining the potential risks that surround a property is essential.

Due to the competitiveness among companies within this sector, customers can see a huge variety of prices, policies and coverage. It is highly advisable for those who are wishing to purchase a policy to shop around and fully consider the needs of the house and those living there. Extra coverage may be needed to protect individuals against theft in case one is injured. Comparing different types of coverage between companies can help when attempting to obtain the best deal for a property and a household.