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5 Ways to Save by Buying in Bulk

Buy In Bulk If you’re a frugal living enthusiast, you probably know how much you can save when you buy in bulk. No! I’m not talking about the occasional mega-pack of paper towels that you buy at the drugstore. The focus here is on the warehouse club stores that cost you a small annual membership […]

Money Personality Quiz

Do you sock away pennies like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the winter? Or do you subscribe to the “you can’t take it with you” philosophy of money management and spend it as fast as you get it? Or do you prefer the “ostrich” approach … figuring what you don’t know about your finances can’t […]

5 Reasons To Update Your Insurance

Insurance You don’t have to change insurance companies every time you see a commercial on T.V. promising to save you 15 percent in 15 minutes. However, it’s a good idea to periodically review your coverage because various events in your life can have a dramatic and significant impact on the premiums you pay. Insurance companies […]

Taxes and Freedom

Doug Casey on Taxes and Freedom The always-outspoken Doug Casey addresses a broader view of taxation and its costs to both individuals and society in general in this interview with Louis James. L: Doug, the Taxman cometh, at least for most US citizens who file their annual tax papers on April 15. We get a […]

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The Four Ways Churches Ask For Money

Here at your family finances we strongly believe in giving to support the local church and in contributing to the community and as Jesus said in Matthew chapter 25, caring for the  sick, feeding the hungry, visiting the prisoner and clothing the naked. But you also need to be aware of how the money you are […]

Is a Retirement Annuity the Answer for your Retirement Savings?

Retirement Annuity You’ve probably heard that investment plans and financial schemes like, IRAs and 401 (k), are the best ways to plan for retirement. This might be true in most cases, but not always. For instance if you have invested your maximum contribution for the year to your retirement account and you’re seeking to add a bit more more. What can you do? In this case, among others, investing in […]

Doug Casey on the US Constitution

By Doug Casey, Casey Research Legendary contrarian investor and the original International Man Doug Casey takes aim at the US Constitution, from its sneaky beginnings to its encroachments on individual liberty and free markets. Louis: Doug, we’ve threatened to talk about the Constitution many times. Since there’s  increasing interest in the country’s economic and political […]

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