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A Guide to Getting a Cheap Home Insurance Quote

Cheap Home Insurance

Home insurance is something you can’t really afford to be without.  Every year when you renew your insurance, you hope that you won’t need it. You’d certainly rather pay for something you don’t need than be without home insurance if  you need it, for instance if your house is burgled or damaged by fire.

Cheap Home InsuranceGetting a cheap home insurance quote is important because you shouldn’t pay more than you have to for one of life’s necessities but don’t just buy the cheapest policy. You need to make sure it will cover exactly what you need it to.  The only thing worse than no home insurance is thinking you have insurance (and paying for it) and then finding out it doesn’t cover your Family when you actually need it.

There are ways of reducing the cost of your home insurance, and if you follow these tips then you should be able to get the coverage you want at a price you can afford.

For Cheap Home Insurance Shop Online.

  • Most insurance companies offer a discount of up to 10% if you buy their products online rather than through a call centre.  The reason for this is that it is cheaper for the company to run a website than it is to run a call centre, and if they encourage customers to buy online then they won’t run the risk that those customers will grow tired of waiting for their phone calls to be answered.
  • If you shop online, not only can you compare prices and terms and conditions, you can do it at any time of day or night – handy if you realize at 2am that you’ve forgotten to renew your home insurance that expired at midnight…

Install Better Home Security

  • Check with your insurers as to whether there are particular brands or types of locks that they would recommend for making your home more secure.  If you install the  recommended extra security, you may be given a discount on next year’s premium.

Work Out How Much Home Insurance You Really Need.

  • Many people wildly overestimate the cost of replacing their contents and pick one of the standard figures suggested by the insurer.  Take a trip through your home, room by room, and estimate what it would cost to replace your belongings, fixtures and fittings.  While you’re doing that, take a photo of each room and of any items of significant value in case the worst should happen – it will make a claim much easier to process.

In the U.K. -Remember that buildings and contents policies are separate.

  • You don’t have to buy them both from the same insurer (though some will offer a discount for one if you buy the other).

When you’ve got some good quotes, phone your existing insurer and tell them that you’ve managed to beat their renewal quote – give them the opportunity to match or beat it, or to offer you some extra for free.


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