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Credit Cards That Pay You Cash

Credit Cards

Hundreds of credit cards are available to you as a means to borrow money. Each credit card has varying qualification criteria, interest rates, and yearly fees. The average interest rate for a credit card is 16.97%, which is pretty hefty. Additionally, some credit cards charge a yearly fee of $19 to $150. Cash back rewards credit cards offer you an opportunity to earn money with every purchase. They tend to give you hope that you can earn a significant amount of money back every year. However, some consumers are skeptical about whether the cash back cards use tricky methods to entice people to apply. They wonder if the consumer is really getting any cash back.

Things To Look For in a Credit Card
Credit Cards That Pay You CashThe answer to the question of whether a person can really make money from a Cash Back Credit Cards varies. Profit depends on the terms of the specific card that person has. Some cards have limits on the amount of cash the user can earn. Some cards have high fees that offset any cash the consumer can earn. Other cards only offer a low percentage of cash back on purchases.

It is up to the consumer to find the card that offers the best all-around cash back deal. You should look for cards that offer 5% to 6% cash back on purchases. You should also look for a card that has no annual fee. Additionally, you should search for a card that has a low interest rate. Cards that have additional bonuses are also desirable cards to have. All of these elements can increase or decrease your earning potential. Taking time to research will ensure that you find something that works well for you.

Capital One Credit Card
The Capital One Cash credit card is a card that offers a unique 50% bonus on the yearly cash back total. However, the card only offers 1% back on all purchases. There is no annual fee for this card and the annual percentage rate is 0% for the first year. Additionally, this card issues a $100 bonus after the cardholder spends $500 during the first three months. This card gives the consumer a chance to capitalize during the first year of usage. The low cash back percentage is the only drawback of the card.

Chase Freedom Credit Card
The Chase Freedom cash back card offers 5% cash back on items in special category. Additional items can earn 1% cash back. The card also offers a $100 bonus after new cardholder spends $500 in the first three months. There is no annual fee associated with the card. Cardholders have an opportunity to earn an additional 10% by shopping online. The earning possibilities are high with this card. However, the annual fee is 12.99% to 22.99% after the first 15 months. The cardholder can benefit the most from this particular card during the introductory APR period.

Discover More Credit Card
The Discover® More® Card offers a balance transfer option along with a cash back earning option. Users can transfer the balances of their other cards and earn 5% back on purchases. For the first 15 months, there is no interest charge.

One of the best traits to look for in cash back card is an unlimited earning potential. In addition, the cardholder should only use the card to buy items that will earn them the most cash back. Additionally, it is best to maximize use of these cards during the introductory period. Using a cash back card smartly can earn a person quite a bit of cash. The key of course is to minimize the interest you pay by paying off your card in full every month. That way you can make all your normal purchases again the next month and earn more cash back.

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