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It Doesn’t Need To Be Difficult To Get A Cheap Home Insurance Quote

If you put in some extra effort to find a cheaper price on your home insurance, you could easily end up saving many hundreds of dollars every year. You need to put all your focus on finding an insurer you can trust, that will also provide you with the coverage you need at a fair […]

How to have a fun and thrifty weekend with your family

In this precarious economy, savvy consumers curb their spending on all sorts of luxuries and nonessentials of life. Even simple tasks and activities taken for granted as low cost (grocery shopping, driving, etc.) must be put on a shoestring budget to preserve savings and make every dollar count. In keeping with the thrifty lifestyle that […]

Saving for College with a 529 College Education Plan

College Education Plan- If you have children that are planning on attending college, you’re probably wondering exactly how you’re going to pay for their tuition, room, board, and all the other costs associated with getting a college education. Fortunately, there are ways to go about it, but you should start saving as soon as possible. […]

To Rent or Buy: That is the Question

As a young person, once you decide it’s time to move out of your parent’s house or upgrade from a college dorm room, the next step is to determine exactly where you want to live. You have two options for living situations. You can either rent, or you can buy. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to whether […]

Losing Money faster than you’re making it? Tips for Managing Finances

Financial Management is not Rocket Science- Do you have numerous bank accounts, various credit cards and personal budgets, but no overall plan? Are your financial management strategies haphazard? Lack of proper organization and planning normally leads to short -term financial disaster and long-term less than optimal results. You should tread carefully when it comes to managing finances, in order to […]

How to Hide Cash and Valuables at Home

Do you have a large sum of money and/or numerous items of value in your home? If your answer is yes, it may be in your best interests to hide these things in areas that are inconspicuous or unordinary. Since intruders often look in routine areas when they break into a home, you want to […]

The Pros and Cons of an Early Retirement

Early Retirement- The traditional age for retirement has always hovered around 65 then it began to drop toward 60. However, the latest trends suggest that this age may be getting pushed forward even more to around 70 to 75 years. There are reasons why people simply do not want to stop working after 60 and […]

5 Don’ts for Your First Student Credit Card

It’s that time of year. College students are back in school or starting for the first time. They are getting things like class schedules, dorm rooms and of course, budgets organized. A big part of student finances is often the first credit card. Your first student credit card can give your credit a good boost, […]