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How to Hide Cash and Valuables at Home

Do you have a large sum of money and/or numerous items of value in your home? If your answer is yes, it may be in your best interests to hide these things in areas that are inconspicuous or unordinary. Since intruders often look in routine areas when they break into a home, you want to make sure your cash and valuables are as safe as possible. The following tips will teach you how to hide cash and valuables at home.

The Basics to Hiding Cash and Valuables

When a burglar enters your home, chances are they want to get in and out as quickly as possible. It is for this very reason that they check the most common places for cash and valuables. Two areas that burglars often check are the master bedroom and the living room. In order to outsmart a burglar, you must keep your things in areas that are less common and more random.

Where to Hide Cash and Valuables in the Kitchen

Hide cach and valuables in your kitchen pantry

Hide cash and valuables in your kitchen pantry

The first place you may want to think about hiding your cash and valuables is the kitchen, as people usually do not keep these types of things alongside their groceries. One good suggestion for a hiding place in the kitchen is in a plastic baggie in the back of your freezer. This works great for small amounts of cash and valuables such as jewelry. Just remember to cover up the baggie with other frozen food items once it is inside. You can also place items in the rear portion of your cupboards or pantry as thieves may not think to check behind food items. Bags of sugar or flour also make excellent hiding spots in the kitchen, provided your valuables are not very large.

Where to Hide Cash and Valuables in Bedrooms

Although thieves usually check the master bedroom, there are still some places that they may completely overlook. One common spot people use is the sock or underwear drawer. People often take some cash, roll it up and stuff it inside of a sock. Because the cash hardly weighs anything, people assume thieves rummaging through your dresser drawers may not even realize it is there but it is so common you probably don’t want to take a chance. Coat and shirt pockets may not be as obvious. Just remember which pockets your things are in, so you yourself do not end up misplacing anything. Someone recently sold an old jacket at a yard sale for $20 that had $1000 in the pocket. Another place to think about hiding cash or small valuables is on the back side of a wall hanging. This could be a mirror, painting, or anything else that hangs on your wall. Place your items in an envelope and tape them to the back of the wall hanging. You can also hide your things in a child’s bedroom, provided your child will not harm them. The bottom of a toy chest or a board game box are both great hiding places for cash and valuables. Better yet what about a fake electric outlet? You can get these quite inexpensively.

Where to Hide Cash and Valuables in the Bathroom

Burglars often overlook the bathroom, as most folks usually do not keep cash or valuables there. One idea for a hiding place in the bathroom is in an airtight bottle in the tank of your toilet. The toilet is not a very appealing thing, but intruders may know to look inside. You can also think about hiding your things in old shampoo bottles. Store the bottles in your bathroom closet and thieves will probably not think to look inside of them. Just remember to rinse out the bottles and let them dry so your cash and valuables do not get ruined. Better yet there are specially made cans and bottles that may even have some product in the top but have a secret compartment in the bottom. See box below.

Other Tips

There are also some other tips for hiding cash and valuables at home. You may want to keep a small amount of cash in obvious areas, that way a burglar may think he got all there is to get. It is also a good idea to avoid storing cash or valuables inside items that are valuable themselves, as this is just setting you up for disaster. If you have a basement or attic, you may want to think about hiding your cash and valuables there as well. Burglars who are in a hurry often do not take the time to thoroughly search a cluttered basement or climb a pull-down stairway since it is almost impossible to make a quick exit.

These are all great tips for hiding cash and valuables at home. Hopefully by taking the time to inconspicuously hide your things, you will never have to worry about them being stolen should your home be burglarized.