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Cyber Monday and Internet Shopping

Cyber Monday and Black Friday- Is Internet Shopping Better?

Are you a Black Friday fanatic or bargain hunter that hates the crowds?

More and more consumers are turning to the Internet, mobile apps and e-coupons to stretch holiday dollars, Cyber Monday is the secret for holiday savings — are you in the know?

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Internet Sales

Over the past two years Online sales on Cyber Monday have increased from $887 Million to $1.25 Billion.

Cyber Monday Sales 2009-2011

Cyber Monday Sales- Percent Increase

Mobile Internet Sales on Cyber Monday have increased 259% from 2010 -2011 much greater than normal cyber monday increases.

Why Consumers Prefer Online Internet Shopping

Convenience, No-Crowds, Easier Price Comparison, Easier to find items,  Free Shipping, Better variety.


Why  Prefer Online Shopping

Online Shopping Apps

Shop Kick

Earn points for checking in at retail stores redeemable for gift cards or donations to charity.

The Find

Compare, lcate and track the best prices for items both online and in-store.

Google Shopper

Find local and online prices, reviews, and videos for your purchasing decision.



 Shopping Tips

1) Use social networking to follow favorite manufacturers and retailers, They often share special deals.

2) Google coupon codes for the latest discounts and offers from online stores.

3) Subscribe to e-newsletters the week of Thanksgiving for a preview of upcoming sales.

4) Check online retailers for free shipping offers.


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