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Tips on Eating Right on a Limited Budget

Tips on Eating Right-

tips on eating right

Common knowledge has it that eating right is also more expensive. But common knowledge is wrong. If you’re willing to do some research and exercise discipline while shopping, here are some tips on eating right so you can eat better and save money.

Here are some tips for eating right on a tight budget:

Tip #1- Choosing the Right Foods

Eating right is about understanding what foods you should eat and then being able to make something tasty using those ingredients. To be able to do that, you need a list of nutritious foods, some guidelines about their consumption, recipes that use those foods, and some experience cooking using those recipes. If you haven’t the slightest idea where to begin, you can head on over to the Environmental Working Group’s Good Food on a Tight Budget guide for help for the first three factors. As for actual experience, that can be remedied in the kitchen.

Tip #2- Create Shopping Lists

Store layouts are designed to encourage you to purchase unneeded items on impulse. For example, chocolates and other candy bars are placed at the checkouts so that you have to look at them while you wait. Similarly, checkouts are placed at the front of stores so that you have to spend twice the time moving past store shelves laden with their products. Planning ahead cuts down on impulse buys, meaning that you should draw up shopping lists and bring them with you when you go shopping.

Tip #3- Eating In

Eating out is convenient, but you also end up paying more for that convenience. One of the easiest ways to save money on food costs is by preparing your own meals and eating at home. Furthermore, if you often frequent fast food restaurants, eating at home is also a good way to eat healthier foods. We all know that fast food is loaded with fat, carbs and salt. If you don’t have time to cook every meal , consider cooking bigger portions so that you can save the leftovers for subsequent meals. You can even freeze them for much later. Some people even prepare an entire week’s worth of meals on their day off so they just have to heat them up when they get home from work.

Tip #4- Eliminating Junk Food

Reducing your family’s consumption of junk food is another easy way to both eat healthier and spend less on food. Although most junk foods such as chips, cookies, and prepackaged meals are obvious and thus simple to point out, you should also watch for foods with high sugar content. Checking the labeling can be helpful provided you do a little research beforehand to better understand chemical names. As a general rule, it might be a good idea to avoid processed foods as much as possible.

Tip #5- Use Discounts

Sales and coupons are excellent ways to help you stay within your budget. Pay attention to advertisements sent out by local stores, flip through newspapers, and check online for printable coupons. Remember that the current discounts should not dominate your purchasing decisions because they can lure you into purchasing both too much food and unhealthy food.


Price is no longer an excuse for not eating right. You can eat good, nutritious food while running on a tight budget, just avoid packaged processed foods and watch for sales. There are numerous free resources available to help you and your family change your diet and keep it up.


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