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Extreme Couponing for Beginners

Odds are that you’ve heard of extreme couponing. Realty TV stars talk about it, there are blogs dedicated to it and just about every person out there is at least familiar with the term. But, how hard is it to get into and does it really save you enough money to make it worth your while?

The Perks of Extreme Couponing

There are two major perks of extreme couponing. The first is that you can save a ton of money. It’s possible to purchase a hundred dollars worth of items for a measly $10 seriously. It takes a lot of planning to accomplish this, but it is possible. The other huge benefit of extreme couponing is that you can actually get money back. If the value of your coupons come out to more than the cost of the product, you can get money credited to the rest of your order. How much money you save it entirely up to you – it varies depending on how much effort you put into couponing.

The Basics of Extreme Couponing

In order to get involved with extreme couponing, you have to be organized. Eventually, you’re going to have a lot of coupons and you’ll need to keep them in order so that you can find what you need when you’re preparing to go shopping. Every Sunday, your local paper should have a ton of coupons. You probably also receive circulars regularly from stores like CVS, Target and your local supermarkets.  Also look for printable food coupons and print coupons online.

When you find coupons you want, you need a good filing system so that you will be able to find them again when you need them. They need to be sorted by category, item and expiration date.

What You Need vs. When You Need It

Many people use extreme couponing to buy items that they’ll need someday. While you may not need everything you buy at this very moment, you know you’ll need it as some point in the future. Since you’re going to have to spend money on the item anyway, you might as well save as much as you can now. On the flip side, sometimes people have to hold off on purchasing items that they need right away in order to save big.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should buy items you don’t need at all. Purchasing two extra tubes of toothpaste because they’re on a huge sale is one thing. Stocking up on school supplies when you don’t have kids is another. Also, how much you want to buy ahead of time depends on how much room you have to store it. So in addition to filing your coupons you will need a place to store what you buy.

Shopping Other Brands and Stores

The main thing to take into consideration when you’re starting out with extreme couponing is that you won’t always be able to buy your favorite brands. Think about which brands you can’t live without and which you can let go of. Are you dead set on buying only Folgers coffee? Have you even tried other coffee brands? Test out different products to see which brands you truly love and which you’re willing to forgo for savings. On the same note, you won’t be able to always shop at your favorite stores. You may be partial to Target, but if Walmart is offering great coupons, you’ll have to head there if you want to get the savings. Remember, though, that the more willing you are to shop out of your favorite stores and brands, the more money you’ll save in the long run.

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