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Five People You May Find Working in an Assisted Living Facility

With the average monthly cost of an assisted living facility just over $3,000, it’s important to know that your loved one is getting what they, or you, are paying for. While you expect to see various types of physical health care providers employed by an assisted living facility, did you know that you should be looking for different types of employees as well? Here are five people that you may find working in some of the best facilities around the country:

1. Dietician

It’s not uncommon for many people in an assisted living facility to have special-needs diets. Whether residents are dealing with diabetes, have recently had a heart attack or need to lose weight for health reasons, there can be a wide variety of dietary needs within the walls of the facility. This is where a dietician comes in. Dieticians can talk with residents, come up with meal plans and instruct food preparers when making meals. Look for an assisted living facility that has one or more dieticians on staff.

2. Stylist or Barber

"Hairdresser" by healingdreamJust because your loved one is in an assisted living facility doesn’t mean that he or she has lost their vanity. Many of the finest facilities in the nation offer full-service salons to their residents. These hairdressers can cut and style hair, offer manicures and pedicures, and keep your loved one looking his or her best. If the facility that you’re considering doesn’t have a salon, find out if they at least have a stylist or barber that comes in once a week or once a month to offer services.

3. Activities Coordinator

You should never walk into a quiet facility with no type of activity among the residents. Assisted living facilities should offer a wealth of activities, both on and off campus, to their residents. Activity coordinators can organize safe activities for your loved one to take part in. Whether it’s watching movies in the common area or taking a trip to the local zoo, activities coordinators help to make sure that your loved one is having a good time.

4. Grief Counselor

With the average age of residents in facilities being 86.9 years old, it’s not uncommon for residents to have friends in the facility pass away. No matter how old you are, losing someone never becomes easier. Living far away from their support network can be difficult for seniors when they experience a loss. A grief counselor will offer an empathetic ear to your loved one, and provide tools for dealing with and overcoming the sadness and depression that experiencing a loss brings with it.

5. Massage Therapist

Massage can be great not only for aching muscles, but for insomnia, depression, blood circulation and even flexibility. Trained, licensed massage therapists can provide safe massage for your loved one while he or she is living in the facility. Massage may be prescribed as a course of treatment or may simply be enjoyed by your loved one as a way to relax.

While it’s important that assisted living facilities have medical staff on hand, it’s just as important that they hire professionals who can provide a certain quality of life for your loved one. The best facilities know this; look for one that has at least two or more of the professionals discussed above on staff.

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