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Christmas Insurance Claims Infographic

Insurance claims happen year round, but accidents during the Christmas holidays can be especially troublesome. With all those unusual activities, guests, extra food and gifts around, insurance claims can be significantly higher than normal. Plus, festive factors such as increased use of electricity & bad weather can increase the likelihood of everything from house fires to burst pipes! Here we look at the statistics  surrounding Insurance claims made at Christmas.

According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, (ROSPA), around 80,000 people in the U.K. suffer accidents and injuries in their homes during the Christmas holidays every year. 79 percent of those claims are for property damage, 6 percent are for theft and 1 percent is for liability due to accidents. And average claim costs are 16% higher than at other times of the year.

With all of the holiday activities there is a lot of  claims for accidents, 36 percent of all the claims around Christmas are for accidental damage with 21 percent of those being for damage to floors and carpets. All those new electronic gadgets end up with  17 percent of the  damage claims (a good reason to read the directions before firing up that new device) and  9% of the damage claims are for damage to glasses and contacts so with all the hustle and bustle keep a close eye on your glasses. And be extra careful putting those decorations up, 9 percent of damage claims are for damage to the roof and another 9 percent are for damage to doors and windows.

Have a Happy and Safe Christmas Holiday!

Christmas Insurance Claims