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9 DVD Gift Baskets for Every Friend and Occasion

Do you have a friend’s birthday or big event coming up and you just don’t know what to get for the person who already has it all or who is otherwise impossible to buy for? Well, everyone likes movies and a DVD gift basket is a great gift that will appeal to anyone depending on how you present it. Here are nine ideas for DVD gift baskets that can be mass produced or personalized according to your friends’ personalities.

1. The throwback basket

Gift baskets offer almost endless opportunities for creativity

Gift baskets offer almost endless opportunities for creativity

Especially if it’s for your childhood friend, the class movie basket can be a great nod to your childhood times together. Get your friend Sixteen Candles and all of your favorite childhood candies. Get a cool basket and fill it with microwave popcorn, Twix candy bars, Sourpatch Kids, and Skittles.

2. The gourmet basket

If your friend doesn’t really get into cheap candy, get her the gourmet version of the DVD basket. Get an arty movie and hit up your local high-end gourmet shop. Get nice shortbread cookies, dark chocolate candies, and some meats and cheese.

3. The high octane basket

Your friend is a coffee connoisseur. Get him an action adventure movie and stock the basket with nice espresso beans, a coffee shop gift card and some nice chocolate chip cookies for dipping. You can also stick a gift card from the local coffee shop into the basket.

4. The health nut basket

If decadence is your friend’s kryptonite, and she’d rather eat nuts than chocolate, consider getting her some fitness DVDs along with all the best health foods. Include unsalted nuts, herbal tea packets, and high-end bottled water.

5. The holiday basket

If you’re giving your friend a holiday basket, consider a classic Christmas movie like It’s a Wonderful Life. Include Christmas cookies, holly, lights and a Christmas decoration. Give your friend the basket before the holidays to help build Christmas spirit. You can even include a strand of lights for an added touch.

6. The summer basket

Get a classic summer movie like Steel Magnolia, and stock the basket with barbecue accoutrement such as barbecue sauce, meat marinades, and cookies. You can also include a hot mitt and a spatula.

7. The wine basket

If your friend loves nothing more than to curl up to a movie with a glass of wine, get him the movie Sideways and a basket of wine and cheese with crackers. It’s simple, but it cannot go wrong. Just don’t include Merlot.

8. The mass-produced yet personal basket

If you want to create gift baskets for several people, consider creating your own DVD for the occasion or group of people. If it’s family, make a DVD of family pictures and include snacks to eat while watching it. If it’s friends, make a DVD of fun memories and include a couple of beers for memory’s sake.

9. The chocolate lover’s basket

If you have a friend who is a die-hard chocolate lover, you have a very straight forward DVD basket ahead of you. Get the movie Chocolat. Get every kind of chocolate and stack the basket.

The DVD gift basket is a no-fail gift that works for every occasion and every recipient. There’s nothing more fun than getting lots of little things that work together to make one great experience.

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