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Is Property Insurance Worth the Investment?

Property is the stuff of dreams whether it is a house with a white picket fence or a condo by the beach.  And it doesn’t hurt that property in a good location can appreciate in terms of value. But, being the proud owner of property is only the beginning. You have to maintain and insure that […]

Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Choosing real estate can be tough whether you are looking at a private residence or a commercial property. This makes choosing a real estate agent an even more crucial decision, especially when you do not have as much experience in knowing what to look for in an ideal property. While you can follow advice from a […]

A Closer Look at Health Care Fees

If you have ever walked out of a hospital and wondered why you have to pay thousands of dollars for a simple procedure, you are not alone. The costs of health care in the United States have never been higher. There are a number of factors that go into the cost inflation ranging from administrative […]

Fire Protection for Your Home – Before It’s Too Late

The Reality of Home Fires It is human nature to avoid worrying about non-urgent threats. The common thinking is that bad things happen to others, not ourselves. The threat of a home fire is one such life situation. As a homeowner, it is important to understand the reality of the risk of a fire at home […]

Putting a Lid on Health Care Costs

As with many other services and products in America, health care costs have been on the rise. Health care providers and establishments are increasing their prices, while those who do have insurance are facing higher premiums and less coverage. Some families are no longer able to afford insurance, or are not provided insurance by their […]

Will the U.S. Government “Pull a Cyprus”?

History is full of examples of governments who when they can’t pay off their debts, begin to confiscate private-sector assets. The most recent example is Cyprus. After the close of business Friday March 15th 2013, the government of Cyprus declared that they were going to deduct 6.75% of every bank account of less than €100,000 ($130,000) and […]

What is the Best Credit Card?

Choosing the “best” credit card is like asking what is the best city to live in or the best kind of ice cream. It is not a one size fits all proposition. There are a lot of different factors to consider and what is “best” for me may not be “best” for you. In some […]

How to Save for Your Retirement

Preparing for retirement can be a challenge and it is especially difficult when the government keeps changing the rules of the game and the value of our money (through inflation and varying rates of inflation). In today’s post, Dennis Miller explains what can happen if you don’t take personal responsibility for your retirement finances. He also outlines […]