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What are “Life Insurance Settlements”?

Up until recently I had never heard of a life insurance settlement aka. “Life Settlement”. That is because up until the beginning of the AIDS epidemic the idea wasn’t really very popular. But at that point a lot of people knew that their life expectancy was short and needed money for medical treatment but really didn’t […]

Can I Overpay My IVA?

Recently we’ve been discussing bankruptcy but in the U.K. there is an alternative called an Individual Voluntary Arrangement or “IVA” which is a formal alternative for individuals wishing to avoid bankruptcy. Basically it is a structured repayment plan which may allow partial foregiveness of your debt. How an IVA Works The debtor’s income (A) and […]

Basic Bankruptcy Facts You Should Know

In the 12 month period ending March 31, 2012– 1,367,006 people filed for bankruptcy. This is down from  1,571,183 people who filed for bankruptcy in 2011 but up considerably from 901,927 in 2008, 1,202,503 in 2009 and 1,531,997 in 2010. If you have ever considered declaring bankruptcy, understanding the gist of bankruptcy laws will help you […]

Simple Tips to Keep Your Information Safe

Electronic identity theft has become a big problem. According to a report commissioned by the US Secret Service and Verizon, 81% of all data breaches in 2012 involved some form of hacking. In addition, 96% of the data breaches stemmed from external sources. Figures from a report published by LexisNexis show that stolen credit card […]

Tax Saving Tips

Paying taxes can put a great burden on your family’s finances plus this is in addition to other major expenses like your children’s education and health costs. However,there are a lot of tax breaks and credits provided by the federal government, you can ease your tax burden significantly and save a substantial amount of money […]

Budgeting for a Baby

Despite what modern people might claim, quite a number still hold on to traditional dreams and desires. Probably the best example of such a dream is that of one day having a family of your own. Kids are great no doubt, they bring joy, excitement and a sense of awe and wonder to life but […]

Ways Your Kid Can Help Pay for Their College Education

A college education typically costs a lot of money and education costs have risen faster than inflation. As such, most parents need all the financial assistance they can get to help put their kids through college. Besides seeking financial assistance from student loan programs and grants programs, you can also help your children by encouraging […]

Saving Money on Funeral Planning

Funerals are important occasions which need to be approached with due care and attention. As a dignified event, intended to help mourners bid their final farewell to loved ones, there are many things to consider when planning a funeral. Burial or Cremation Perhaps the first thing you need to consider when arranging a funeral is […]