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Using An IVA to Reorganise Debt

When you’re in debt, the guilt and stress that goes with it can be all-consuming. It can affect your sleep, your health, and your relationship and family life. The worst thing you can do when in debt is to ignore the problem. Even if it feels like you will never be free of debt, the […]

Is Real Estate a Wise Investment for Retirees?

I have often said that rental property if done properly is a great way to build a retirement income. You buy houses let the tenants pay off the mortgage and then once they are paid off you still receive the income but now it can go in your pocket rather than in the Bank’s pocket. […]

5 Things to Consider Before Filing for Bankruptcy

Before making the decision to file for bankruptcy, take a credit counseling class to see the other options. Often, there are ways to deal with financial issues without having to involve the federal court. Counseling sessions can be had within a day, providing a lot of information most people don’t think of when frustrated about […]

7 Reasons to Go Back to School

Most Americans support the idea of going back to school in order to expand their career choices. Whether it is a certificate, a bachelor’s degree, or even a Master’s degree getting an education improves one’s skills and knowledge and is often the only way to enter a profession and yes, even get a chance at earning more. […]

Organizing For Your Retirement

After spending decades working day in and day out 30% of retirees consider Social Security to be their primary source of income. If you want to avoid that fate it’s important to begin planning as soon as possible. Believe it or not, planning for retirement on your first day of work is not too early to start.  The […]

Family Run Non-Profit

Do you have a cause you are passionate about? Are you so enthralled with the idea that it keeps you awake at night? Have you ever considered setting up a non-profit entity so you can pursue your passion? It isn’t that far-fetched. Recently a teenager in New Jersey created  Mahwah Environmental Volunteers Organization to promote […]

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Financial Advice

Financial regulations are  usually created with the intention of protecting the consumer and adding transparency to the decision making processes. However, the final results do not always match the initial vision. Although qualified investment advice may help investors avoid financial pitfalls, many individuals are now distancing themselves from this prepaid and often self-serving arena. The end result is that […]

Understanding Your Family’s Spending Behaviors

If your family is like most families today, you may be finding it difficult to make ends meet from one paycheck to the next. Or, you may have found yourself trying to find ways to balance your family budget in order to boost your savings. Regardless of what your current situation may be, it’s important to […]