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4 Tips to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs

Having adequate homeowner’s insurance is important because it will cover you if something happens to your home/belongings. Having appropriate coverage when you buy your home can give you peace of mind and protect your investment. For example, dog bite injuries are common and happen more often than you think. And as a homeowner you are […]

Money Potholes on the Marriage Road

You’re driving along the road of personal finance; your sweetie is in the passenger seat, and WHAM! You hit a pothole. Unfortunately, that’s what often happens not just in a car but in a family budget. Many people don’t discuss money while dating, so it’s a big thing when it comes to marriage. You want to make […]

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need?

There are several major components of car insurance including “liability”, “collision” and “comprehensive”, in  a nutshell,   liability covers you if someone sues you while the others cover the repair or replacement of your vehicle. see Car Insurance Terminology for Newbies for more details. Recent studies have shown that often vehicles are over-insured. It is rare to hear this from an insurance company […]

Family Action Plan: How to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt can sneak up on the best of us. After all, there’s just so much stuff to buy. There are new shoes, video games, and that out-of-state trip to Vegas. Unfortunately, the interest rates cripple your bank balance and you soon find yourself in credit card debt. You can feel as if you […]

Why You Should Keep Collector Coins in Dry, Secure Storage

Thanks to the area’s economic interaction with Mexico prior to the Mexican-American war, both traders and searchers alike can acquire some unique and valuable coins in the Forth Worth area.Getting those great pieces means taking good care of them, and sometimes your house is exactly the wrong place for that. Here’s why local storage facilities can be a better […]

More House Hunting Tips For New Families

Last week we presented House Hunting Tips For New Families and an excellent article by Dennis Miller Is Now the Time to Take Advantage of the Current Buyer’s Market in Real Estate? with a great story about buying a home and pitting sellers against each other and this week we have a few more tips for you.  […]

Reasons Other Than Just Financial for Insurance Claims

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. You might get away without any injury, but you could just as easily be put out of action for months or even longer. Under the right circumstances, you could be eligible to make a compensation claim. Financial Benefits Obviously for many accidents no amount of money can […]

Is Now the Time to Take Advantage of the Current Buyer’s Market in Real Estate?

By Dennis Miller While I spent well over three decades writing books and teaching the subject of negotiations, some of the best lessons I learned on the subject came from luck. Many investment pundits recommend taking full advantage of the current buyer’s market in real estate. Lenders are foreclosing on many properties, often selling them […]