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Why You Should Keep Collector Coins in Dry, Secure Storage

Thanks to the area’s economic interaction with Mexico prior to the Mexican-American war, both traders and searchers alike can acquire some unique and valuable coins in the Forth Worth area.Getting those great pieces means taking good care of them, and sometimes your house is exactly the wrong place for that.

Here’s why local storage facilities can be a better choice for coin storage:


Texas Coin

Texas Half Dollar

Coins are especially susceptible to theft.  Coin collectors are often known for their hobby, which means that thieves can case out your place passively just by hanging around the Cowtown Summer Coin Show.  As they feign interest in what you have or simply eavesdrop on your conversations with other collectors, they can pick up your name and go to work on finding you.

Once the would-be thieves know of your numismatic interest, it’s very simple to track down your home via social media or other online resources.  Once they gain entry, they can get away with an awful lot of value in a few jingling pockets.

Again, that’s where self-storage can help.  A site that’s monitored 24 hours a day and is fenced in is far better guarded than your home, and even if those obstacles could be overcome, a thief would have to trail you for days to figure out which unit is yours before even attempting a break-in.

Environmental Conditions

TexasCoin2When it comes to coins, humidity is Public Enemy #1.  Like any metal object, coins will corrode in a humid environment.  Although the Fort Worth area isn’t the most humid part of the country, it still draws enough moisture from the Gulf to present problems for collectors.  Humidity does contribute to tarnish and can also degrade portfolios and other vessels used to store or display coins.

For that reason, coin experts urge collectors to store their coins in climate controlled storage, even though you may have space available at home.  Short of leaving these valuable items out in plain view in your living space, you probably don’t have a suitable place to keep them.  Basements and attics have entirely too much fluctuation in temperature and excessive levels of humidity, so storing them there is a recipe for ruin!

For example, a 1935 Texas half dollar is currently bid at Auction for $125.  While scratches and wear figure in the erosion of value, even after being encapsulated by a grading company tarnish can still contribute to declining worth.

Many experts recommend you use humidity controlled local storage to protect your coins, keeping them in mint condition without using up space in your home. Especially in areas like Fort Worth where even at home storage cannot maintain a safe area to prevent environmental damage.


There’s no reason to renovate your home just to make room for your coins.  It’s much easier to set up a self-storage unit like a free-standing private archive.

Remember, these units aren’t just places to stack boxes from floor to ceiling.  You can set up tables, shelves, and whatever you want.  And while it’s not likely to be a place to give friends the grand tour of your possessions, you can spread things out and more easily catalog and inventory your coins.

That’s especially handy for collectors whose families may be a little less interested in the hobby.  Rather than spreading your stuff all over the dining room table, you can duck out to the storage unit and work along as you have time to do it.  Remember, it’s climate controlled, so even when that Tarrant County sun is burning you at 113 degrees, your storage unit will be comfortable.

You spend a lot of time, effort, and money to get the best pieces into your coin collection.  Invest in a good place to store the fruits of your labors and they’ll bring you enjoyment and value for years to come.

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