Archives for July 2013

Tips for Surviving Foreclosure

When foreclosure notices start coming in, it’s tempting to shut down and ignore the problem, hoping it will go away. But without facing it head on, the problem won’t be going away. Losing a home that you’ve built over the years is unimaginably difficult, yet many Americans face this reality today. Getting over the initial […]

Teaching Children: Sustainability or Stewardship?

Christians are often accused of being insensitive to the green movement because we doubt the “global warming” data and see “green” as just another government ploy to gain control and power. But as Christians, whether we believe the data or not, we are still called to be good stewards of what God has given us. And […]

Affordable DIY Home Improvements

Doing home improvement projects does not have to cost a fortune. If you are willing to put a little effort into it, you can do a lot of them by yourself. The money that you save on labor can be channeled into buying better materials. Having some experience in house repairs would be great but […]

How Does Bail Work?

Even in the best families people sometimes make bad decisions and end up in jail. It could be a DUI, drug possession, or worse. But those bad situations not only have life consequences for the person who is incarcerated but also for their family. What effect will it have on the person who is called to […]

Buying Your First Home

With an average student loan debt near $27,000 per graduate, first-time home buyers are noticeably absent from the slow housing recovery. The days of a pregnant wife with a happy husband strolling into a new home and hanging a “sold” sign on the post are not faded, but have become obscured. First time home buyers […]

Using Credit Cards without Getting Into Debt

Having a credit card is handy, especially if you are away from home and blow a tire or a fan belt breaks or some other emergency! However, everyone that has a credit card runs the risk of racking up a significant debt.  Credit card debt can quickly spiral out of control. Sometimes it feels like the credit card companies will […]

5 Helpful Frugal Living Tips for Moms

Is your bank balance gradually sinking like a leaky old boat?  Want to save more money without compromising on your lifestyle? If so you need to wake up and start plugging some money leaks.  You don’t have to be mega-organized and make big changes to be more frugal. The Japanese have a term called “kai·zen” which just means […]

Choosing Window Treatments That Are Worth The Investment

The windows are the eyes to your home. They can look plain and simple or really add a special elegance to a room. This all depends on the type of window treatments you have in your home. They can be as elegant and extravagant or as simple as you like. From curtains to blinds and […]