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The Financial Benefits of Student Athletics

Sports have a way of unifying the community and promoting school pride, which is one reason why every major university invests in a comprehensive athletics program. Student athletes are viewed as local heroes who bring prestige to the school through their achievements on the field. However, being one is no walk in the park. Competition is fierce and the workload can be backbreaking. To help them get to the highest level, they are provided with a wide range of benefits that allow them to focus on their training while maintaining decent grades. According to the NCAA some of these benefits are scholarships, grants,  insurance, the prospect of a professional career in sports plus more.

Scholarships and Grants

Student athletes, including swimmers, benefit financiallyWith the cost of a college education soaring across the country, getting a scholarship is considered a big boon for high school students from low income to middle class families. It frees families from a great financial burden and allows the kids to dream big for their future. Student athletes may be eligible for tuition fee discounts or sometimes a full scholarship depending on their sport and the school’s budget. Coaches may evaluate them individually and make recommendations based on the perceived level of talent. Whatever happens in their athletic campaigns, they will be able to earn a degree, which will help them to secure a good and stable job later on.

NCAA Insurance

As a member of the NCAA one of the primary financial benefits is the NCAA Catastrophic Injury Insurance Program, which covers student-athletes who suffer catastrophic injuries while participating in an intercollegiate athletics activity. The NCAA also provides other insurance programs and also helps student-athletes with unmet financial needs through the Student Assistance Fund.

Pro Career

Assuming a student athlete can stay the course, avoid injuries, and improve year-on-year, then he or she might turn the heads of professional clubs and coaches. Most Olympians and a lot of the pro athletes playing today are products of fantastic collegiate programs. Aside from the fame, the earnings potential is enormous. The brightest stars can receive large compensation packages not just from the club but from the commercial sponsorships of sportswear brands and the like.

College-level athletics programs provide a wealth of opportunities for gifted young players in different sports. While the task of maintaining good grades and excellent performance at the same time can be taxing, the support structure is in place to make things a little bit easier, especially for freshmen.

Academic Tutors

Along with the support for athletics is the support for academics. Even the most diligent student athletes can fall behind on schoolwork due to missed classes when they are out in competitions. Balancing day-to-day training with projects, reports, assignments, exams, and other responsibilities can be very difficult as well. If they feel the need, athletes can request for academic tutors to help them get up to speed on their various subjects.

Other Perks

The large volume of training necessary to compete means that athletes need to consume a large amount of calories every single day for fuel. Failing to do so could  diminish their performance. Athletic programs recognize this need and so student athletes may receive extra food coupons. They often get nutrition advice as well so that they become aware of the best options to achieve their goal whether it is to slim down, bulk up, maintain fitness, or get more of certain vital nutrients.

Another perk of being a student athlete is getting various free clothes and gear. This may come from sponsors and promoters or be provided by the school.

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