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5 Unlikely Profitable Businesses Down Under

Aspiring entrepreneurs might find it interesting to know that the most profitable industries for small businesses down under at the moment include app development for smart phones, Internet dating and decorating and painting. A new report has revealed which businesses have the biggest profit margins , or their earnings as a ratio of their revenue, […]

Is Life Insurance for Pensioners?

When it comes to life insurance there always seems to be a focus on newlyweds, young families and mortgages. However, the older generation can benefit as much from life insurance as the younger one. Taking Out Life Insurance Life insurance is sold to younger people to make sure that in the event of their death […]

Should I Sell My Structured Settlement?

A structured settlement is a financial settlement paid out as an annuity rather than in a lump sum. It is often the result of a legal or insurance claim. In 1982 Congress created special tax rules to encourage the use of structured settlements to provide long-term financial security to seriously injured victims and their families. […]

Are You Gambling with Your Family Finances?

Protecting Against Emergencies Protecting your family from disaster doesn’t have to be difficult. Of course, having an emergency fund is a good place to start, but what about other disasters that are right around the corner? What do you do about medical emergencies, pet emergencies, or a natural disaster? Health Insurance With Obamacare health insurance […]

3 Ways to Shop Black Friday Like a Pro

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, and setting out to get the best deals requires a thick skin and a game plan. You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars if you shop Black Friday sales, but it’s not always realistic to make it to every store to get every item […]

Must Know Information About Annuities

Annuities are amazing financial products. They let you kick back, relax, and stop worrying about your retirement savings. An insurance company takes over management of your funds, and guarantees a monthly income for life. But just because annuities are great products doesn’t mean all annuities are right for you. There are actually several different ways […]

Stop the Madness: How to Finance an Intervention

In cases involving serious chemical dependency problems, often, a simple family intervention may not be enough. You may need a professional to come in. The costs involved may be far greater than you can afford, though. You may need to find financial assistance. Picking the Right Intervention Model Many people shy away from the very […]

Reasons People Aren’t Buying Annuities (And Why they Should)

Annuities are a way of investing your money so that you are guaranteed to receive a set income for the rest of your life. Many financial experts champion these financial products as a realistic portion of your retirement plan. However, many people who should be buying them aren’t opting to do so. Less than $200 billion of […]