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The Permanent Vacation

Over the years my wife Lisa and I have traveled quite a bit. Together we’ve visited Canada, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Thailand and China (plus a few others). Separately, I’ve visited a few more. We’ve often considered moving to one of these beautiful, relaxed and low cost locations. Each has its own charm and many good reasons why they would be a good location for a second home, retirement home or even a regular home if you have a portable income or can work remotely. With the exception of Canada and China they all rank highly on lists published by “Retire Overseas” organizations due to their low cost of living, lack of government intrusion, and possibly an easy to get “retirement Visa”. In today’s post we will look at living overseas either temporarily or long term. ~Tim McMahon, editor


The Permanent Vacation

Permanent VacationAfter long periods of education or employment, many people are tired of the usual grind and long to get away and gain new experiences, see new sights and do something totally different. Many are desperate to see the sights of the world and haven’t had the opportunity. Whether you throw some essentials in a backpack, grab your passport and just go off  “couch-surfing” or you pack a bit more and arrange for house-sitting opportunities or you load up a half dozen suitcases and prepare for an extended stay in a furnished rental, more and more people are realizing that the world is an amazing and wonderful place.

Photos are great but travelling creates experiences that will never be understood unless seen first hand. It can have a deep impact on your life and your appreciation for culture. It is amazing how you can find friendly people everywhere around the world no matter how much the news media tries to convince you otherwise.

It’s possible that while traveling you will fall in love with a country or region and consider turning it into your home. You may even fall in love with a local or find the perfect job abroad.  Moving abroad is quite a decision. The idea of packing up and starting afresh away from friends and family is a big move. But more people than ever are setting up home elsewhere.

Isn’t Travel Expensive?

Travelling can cost a lot, but with the rise of “portable incomes” due to the widespread use of the internet more and more people are taking the leap and living the dream. Going home to save money to build a new life is an option without having to sacrifice the dream. Some people have found ways to work for a year and then travel for a year. The key of course is to travel light and not spend like a tourist. Forget buying all the t-shirts and trinkets, shopping in the big department stores and buying imported food. Learn to live like the locals, shop in the small local shops, eat local food and avoid the tourist traps.

You need to have your finances set up to allow regular transfers to foreign accounts or allow for ATM withdrawals. Low cost properties can be purchased overseas, long-term rentals are cheaper than vacation rentals and are usually not advertised on the internet but are only located by walking the small local streets and talking to locals who may have a cousin who is quietly looking  to rent to just the right person. In some countries accommodations can be arranged in exchange for English lessons, or for only a few hundred dollars a month while just around the corner a large hotel may charge a hundred dollars a night.  So the key to your dreams may involve learning the ropes but it can be done and there are many people doing it and sharing tips on their blogs.

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