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The Financial Dangers Of Avoiding The Doctor

Everyone should have checkups on a regular basis. Often when we are trying to save money we skip check-ups because they cost money. But this may be a case of  “Penny Wise and Pound Foolish.” Regardless of the reason you are avoiding the doctor, not having checkups can lead to extra financial costs in the future.

Avoiding The Doctor Can Result In Loss Of Income

DoctorYou may be one of the many people who only visit a doctor in times of illness. This approach can definitely backfire. Instead of standard emergency visits, you may have visits that could have been prevented.

Early detection of conditions means a condition is easier to treat. If a condition goes undetected, you may not know about it until you experience symptoms. You may lose time from work to have a condition treated, or because you are too ill to work. If you do not want to finance a visit to the doctor when you are well, you could lose the income you need for your living expenses. You may not be able to pay your bills, or support your family.

Avoiding Checkups Can Mean More Medical Bills

Even if you must pay for your appointments out of pocket, it is less expensive than dealing with the consequences. If you are convincing yourself that you do not want to finance a checkup, think of the higher expenses you will have from allowing health issues to go untreated.

During a regular checkup, the doctor may find a problem that can be treated easily and inexpensively. This is rarely the case for individuals who avoid medical checkups. By the time a condition is detected, it can cost a considerable amount of money to treat it. In some instances, conditions can progress to where they are not treatable at all. You may spend your savings, or go into debt, to finance a health problem that can no longer be treated effectively.

If You Do Not Finance Checkups, Your Health Insurance May Be Affected

Some people do not want to spend their income to finance health insurance policies. You may think it is unnecessary, because you rarely visit a doctor. This approach can backfire.

Allowing health problems to progress without treatment can result in not being eligible for the insurance policy you want. The insurance company may not want to take chances with people who have preexisting medical conditions. You may need to finance treatment without insurance, or not receive treatment at all.

Think About The Consequences To Your Family

There are many medical conditions that are very serious. While early detection can mean a complete cure, avoiding checkups can result in a life-threatening situation. If you do not finance an appointment with a doctor, it may be too late to save your life.

You may not want to think about death, but premature death is more likely when you do not get checkups. Not only can your family lose their loved one, they may be in the position of needing to finance their own futures. Your spouse may become sole support of your family, or your children may not have what they need in their everyday lives.

Whether you need to finance checkups out of pocket, or choose a health insurance policy, the costs of avoiding the doctor are too great. You should not take chances with your health, your life, your income, or your family.

A better approach is to make and keep an appointment with a doctor. Have these visits regularly, and encourage your family members to do the same. While it is in your best interest to have health insurance, see a doctor even if you must finance it yourself. There is too much at stake to avoid your checkups.

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