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Key Facts About Your Family Insurance Plan

Every family needs several different types of insurance. Some offer protection for the near term, and some for the long term. Both types are important for protecting your family’s financial future. Make sure your family insurance plans are up to date and will cover the costs of unexpected disasters. Home, Auto, Natural Disasters We buy […]

Why We Lied to Our Kids about Their Inheritance

History tells us that people squander money they inherit or haven’t worked for. And if they don’t squander it, their children surely will.
This is a serious problem for seriously wealthy people. But I believe it’s a problem for middle-class people, as well. Giving money to your children can make them wasteful, dependent, weaken their ambition, strip away their independence and might even make them greedy. So what can you do to help your children learn to succeed on their own and manage money well?

Retirement Guard Duty 101

By Dennis Miller I was just a kid—barely wet behind the ears. At two minutes before midnight, the sergeant of the guard and I marched onto the runway tarmac. Following protocol, I formally relieved the previous guard of his post. This was mid-July at the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona. For the next […]