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Afraid Your Money Will Vanish before You Do?

The Employee Benefit Research Institute surveys workers each year concerning their retirement confidence. Despite an uptrend, the latest report shows that 82% of workers feel less than “very confident” about having enough money to retire comfortably.

9 Ways to Retire Rich

For real people, building a rich retirement requires creative solutions beyond “start saving early.” In today’s post Dennis Miller looks at conventional wisdom and compares theory with practice. He shows that the average investor doesn’t even keep up with inflation (i.e. he actually loses purchasing power with every year that goes by.)

Retirement Planning for the Bommerang Generation- Infographic

Recently, our friends at Milliman Employee Benefits created an infographic on retirement planning for the millennial generation. Millennial’s parents were from the “boomer” generation and because so many of the millennial generation  are returning to live with their parents they have gotten the nickname the “boomerang” generation. Of course, if you are living in your […]