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Take Back the Retirement You Dreamed Of

With the current economy some people are postponing retirement for a few years or working part-time during retirement in an effort to pay the bills. No one wants to end up in retirement working at Walmart as a “Greeter” or cashier… so lets look at what can be done to plan for a quality retirement.

Financing Health: How to Plan for Emergency Bills

Paying for unexpected medical bills can be costly and set you back financially if you are not prepared. However, there are some things you can do to minimize the impact of future emergency medical costs and other unexpected expenses. We have put together a list of practical ways you can better prepare for emergency expenses, no matter where they come from.

Will You Blow $180,000 of Your Social Security?

Optimizing your Social Security payments hinges on more than the age you at which you start receiving benefits. Guru’s and financial planners often make it sound easy to decide when is the optimal point to begin collecting your Social Security. But the question is really trickier than it might seem. Every situation is different and with many couples having two working spouses eligible to collect Social Security deciding on the perfect age to begin collecting is even trickier. But there are a variety of options… some of which are rarely discussed… including having the spouse with the shortest life expectancy begin collecting early while the other waits until later. In today’s post Dennis Miller looks at a few other options you should consider.

IRS Civil Asset Forfeitures Targets Noncriminals

n addition to the IRS targeting members of conservative organizations it appears that the IRS and other government agencies are targeting ordinary citizens for “Asset Forfeiture” which is another word for outright theft as there is no “due process” involved and the defendant is presumed guilty until proven innocent. In today’s post Matt Chilliak of Live and Invest Overseas describes this latest threat to our “Pursuit of Happiness”.

The Tale of Two Insurance Policies

Are insurance companies just counting on people being ignorant or lazy? Don’t be one of them, be sure to compare prices and coverage before you send any money. In this post we will look at two different term insurance policies and what to look out for.