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Secret Stash: Ideas to Get Some Extra Cash

When searching for extra cash ideas after you’ve gone through the sofa cushions and peeked under the rug for coins, become proactive. Do a little self-diagnostic. Are there other ways you can use your skills and hobbies to make you a quick buck? Use the ideas below to help get you a little more change in your pocket.

Get a Hobby

ID-10021651If your talents are artistic, think of designing and selling jewelry or prints of your artwork. After all, your friends envy your taste, so you may as well put it to work for you. If you’re interested in opening up an online boutique, etsy.com is the perfect niche for you. Other websites like Redbubble will help get artist’s work out onto clothing and other items so you don’t have to supply every piece of merchandise you sell.
A broader audience exists in displaying your wares on eBay, which also allows you to operate a jewelry store on their site. Their range of prices skews lower than etsy, although the sheer volume of business may make this profitable for your custom line.

Memorabilia Sells Big

A vintage photograph of an old movie star from Grandma’s time may fetch a decent price on eBay if it placed in the right category. Search for the star’s name using eBay’s search engine to discover how similar items are priced, and set your own price. eBay even has a ‘sell one like it’ feature to help you make the perfect eye-catching auction and allows 50 free listings for auctions and fixed price formats monthly.
Establish your excellent customer service, gain good reviews, and expand your business all on one site. eBay charges fees for stores, and at any final sale a premium of 10 percent is charged with a limit of $750.00. The easiest payment method is through PayPal, which pays to your own bank account in 3-5 business days.

Other sites like Umzuzu are great places to sell watches online and other valuables you don’t need anymore. It can fetch you a pretty penny, and you won’t have to give up that much.

Rent This Space

Like many, you may be over-housed and have a spare room and it can serve as a small money-maker for you. Travelers, students, and professionals all need comfortable housing on a short-term basis. The website airbnb.com handles advertising, screening, and collecting fees through PayPal that you set yourself. Set a price per night, and construct an ad with appealing photos of the space.
airbnb.com shows affordable rooms in over 190 countries with friendly hosts to share their local expertise. It also allows you to select who, where, and when guests arrive. A 6-12 percent premium for use is charged by airbnb. Similarly you can pick up some extra cash in your off hours by driving for Uber, as long as your car is new enough too meet their standards.

For a family on a budget, you don’t have to scrimp and save just to get a little extra cash in hand. Use these tips to give yourself a leg up and earn a little without deviating too much from your original schedule.

Image courtesy of Pixomar and FreeDigitalPhotos.net