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4 Sneaky Ways to Save on Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching and whether you have several parties to go to, or a night of trick-or-treating with your family, you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to have a great costume. Fortunately, there are many ways to create an outstanding costume. You just have to use your imagination. Some great methods of doing just this include:

1) Get Creative

Save Money on Halloween CostumesThink of a costume that doesn’t cost much money, but that is so original it will have everyone admiring your ingenuity. For example, don a Hawaiian shirt, construct a giant fake Prozac pill, and go as a tropical depression. Or string a shortened shower curtain on a shower rod, don a shower cap, tie on a soap bar, and add hand grips and walk around as a person in a shower. You can think outside of the box by building a costume that is a common everyday item. You can dress up as a tube of toothpaste, a strip of bacon, or the Kool-aid character. None of these cost much money, but they will certainly get a great reception from family and friends.

Add to an inexpensive costume to make it last just one more year. Purchase a plainer, inexpensive costume and add to it. Any kind of princess costume can be jazzed up with glitter, sequins, sparkling shoes, and extra jewelry. Simple tights and tunics can be changed into a court jester’s costume quickly and easily.

2) Re-Vamp Last Year’s Costume

Take a long hard look at some of the costume items you already own. Many of them can be quickly and easily re-done for a new and different look. If you were a vampire last year, recreate it into a witch’s outfit. Girl’s Halloween costumes are especially easy to recycle. A queen’s dress can be easily converted into a gypsy or fortune teller’s gown by shortening it and adding a kerchief, the appropriate jewelry, and more casual shoes. A ballerina dress can easily become a fairy costume. For boys, a woodsman’s tunic can become a swashbuckling pirate costume with just a few adjustments and a plastic sword.

3) Make Your Own

If you can sew or put together items easily, try making your own costume. You will save so much money, and it will also fit perfectly. You will be able to add all the extra bling and trim that you want, and the end result will be a custom-made costume that no one else can replicate. Seek out ideas where costumes can be made from items you already own such as boxes, prom dresses, tights, vintage clothing, tuxedo jackets, sheets, evening gowns, etc.

4) Share a Costume

If you know someone who is about your size and has similar Halloween tastes, consider sharing an expensive costumes. Splitting the cost will help both of you look fantastic on this beloved holiday. Just get your calendars out and split the days that they can be used between the two of you. An easy method would be for one to have it on odd-numbered days and the other on even-numbered days. You may have to flip a coin for the actual day of Halloween though. Although this would require great compromise, it is still a wonderful way to purchase the costume of your dreams at a reasonable and astounding price.

When all is said and done, you will be the winner of the best costume contest. Everyone will marvel at your imagination and ingenuity in creating the spookiest, most elegant, or unusual costume in the crowd! Put your thinking cap on now so you will have plenty of time to plan for this eventful holiday which is just around the corner.