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Be Sure Your Family is Secure Physically and Financially

As parents, we all want our homes and family to be safe. Ensuring that your family is secure physically and financially is your job as a parent. However, we can’t always be present to make sure this happens. As a result, home security systems and certain types of insurance coverage can help to ensure the safety of everyone and everything under your roof.

Providing Physical Security

Burglar Bars do not have to make your house look like a prison

Burglar Bars do not have to make your house look like a prison

Investing in a Home Security System is an important part of overall protection. This is a tool that is often overlooked, due to the cost and initial fees. However, the benefits that it provides to family members in a time of need is priceless. Many security systems have a feature called “Interactive Monitoring” or more commonly “Remote Access” which allows you to monitor your home alarm system cameras from an outside location, such as via a website, on a laptop or via a mobile app on your phone.  It will also allow you to activate/deactivate the alarm remotely, and check system history. Other key components of an alarm system are motion detectors, glass break sensors (which use pattern recognition technology to detect the sound of breaking glass) and of course security cameras.

In addition to monitoring, it is also important to provide physical security with things like deadbolts, steel doors (and reinforced doorframes like those from “Kickproof”, burglar bars and security storm doors.

Speaking of storms… if you live in storm-prone areas you might consider installing storm shutters that can be quickly closed and provide protection for your windows and doors. If you live in flood-prone areas you probably want to avoid having a basement and might even want to build your house on stilts. Storms also often disrupt your electrical power causing surges and outages. Proper grounding can minimize lighting damage but high-quality surge suppressors can help protect sensitive electronic equipment like computers. Providing on-demand generators can help protect against power outages.

Other key factors in providing home security is to have adequate lighting using energy efficient floodlights and motion sensors. In extreme cases, individuals with special concerns might go as far as building a “Saferoom”, stockpiling provisions, and installing a safe for valuables or guns.

Providing Financial Security

Homeowner’s Insurance

In addition to physical security, you need to provide for financial security… this includes saving, investing for the future and providing insurance. You need to do your homework though since there is a huge difference in policies that merely pay for named perils, such as fire and wind damage, and homeowner policies that pay for open perils, which includes virtually anything unless it is specifically excluded. Adequate coverage for your home is the ultimate way to protect your family and assets. Additional coverage, such as sewer backup, equipment breakdown, and identity theft may also be important for your overall security. Going through a local agent who can help identify your family’s unique needs may be worth the few extra dollars it costs.

Life Insurance

Another way that families can obtain financial protection is through the purchase of life insurance. In the event that a parent passes away, it is crucial that your spouse and family members are able to resume life in as normal of a manner as possible. Final expenses, medical care costs, and income aide are components of general life insurance policies. These policies may be offered by employers or as stand-alone policies.

Umbrella Insurance

In addition to standard coverage, you can get “umbrella insurance” which protects you over and above other coverage you may have. In these days of high court settlements often standard insurance coverage is not enough and that is where umbrella insurance comes in. For instance, if you are in a car accident and you have $500,000 worth of auto liability coverage but you are sued for $1 million your umbrella policy would cover the difference. Umbrella policies also cover things not covered under your other policies like “fase arrest”, “Libel”, “Slander” and “Invasion of Privacy”.  The Chicago Tribune provides a brief quiz to help you determine if an Umbrella Policy might help you:

– Do you own your home or condo?

– Is there a teenage driver in the family?

– Do baby-sitters or cleaning people work in your home?

– Do you have a swimming pool?

– Do you regularly ferry other people’s kids around in your car?

– Do you have a big or excitable dog?

– Do you own a boat?

– Are you active in sports such as biking, skiing or mountain climbing?

Many homeowners want to invest in additional security features for their home and family, but simply do not know where to begin. This process begins with extensive research on available options for your home. Representatives from local home security providers, insurance agents, hardware store employees, and even local law enforcement can help determine the amount of protection needed and how to achieve desirable results. Be sure to get the best protection that will cover anything you and your family might encounter.

Bio: Eileen O’Shanassy is a freelance writer and blogger based out of Flagstaff, AZ. She writes on a variety of topics and loves to research and write. She enjoys baking, biking, and kayaking. Check out her Twitter @eileenoshanassy.