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6 Tips For Saving Money On Your New Favorite Outfit

Shopping So you have a big problem. You’ve fallen in love with an outfit that you saw in a store full of pricey items. You feel as though your world will not be right until your bring this outfit home. However: You can’t afford it. That outfit of your dreams is just a wee bit too expensive, and you wish you could figure out a good plan to become its owner anyway. Here are six tips for saving money on the outfit of your dreams so you can add it to your clothing collection:

Search for Promotional Codes and Coupons

You may not have to pay as much as you think for your favorite outfit. You may be able to find coupons and promotional codes that can give you significant discounts. The retailer may have a page where it presents coupons and codes for certain items. You could also try to find a manufacturer’s coupon. Manufacturers sometimes offer discounts that you will not find on the retailer’s site, so it is worth it to spend the extra time searching.

Apply for a Credit Card

Some stores offer a credit card or store card. As you approach the register, the cashiers ask each customer on the if he or she would like to apply for the card. If you say yes and apply for a credit card with the retailer, you will receive an immediate discount. The discount may be either a dollar amount or a percentage off. The policy may even permit you to get the discount if the credit card company does not approve you for the card. So, it is worth it to try, especially if you have not done that many credit inquiries. You may just get approved for a card that you can use for many more of your favorite outfits.

Get a Smaller Size

Clothing and shoes are tricky in that the prices change with the sizes. With shoes, you may be able to get a pair for much less if you can fit a teens size instead of an adult size. You can do that with clothes, as well. A misses size shirt differs in price from junior’s sizes and so forth. Check yourself and make sure that you can’t fit into a different category before you buy. You can use a belt sizing chart and a clothing size guide to help you a little bit more. The difference between Misses (women’s) and Junior sizes.

Join a Mailing List

If you are doing your shopping online, you may be able to get a discount by joining a mailing list. Online retailers offer discounts of 5 to 10 percent to people who are kind enough to sign up for their mailing lists. You can possibly get a discount on your favorite outfit and get information about amazing future offers and sales.

Wait a Little While

If you can stand to be apart from your favorite outfit, you may be able to see a drastic price decrease. Stores usually drop prices after a while as the new inventory comes in. They are likely to drop prices if the item you want isn’t popular, as well.

Buy Bulk

You can make some additional savings by purchasing your clothing in bulk. Your store of choice may have a special offer for online shoppers who buy bulk. Take a chance. This is also a good way to get better use from your coupons and get more bang for your buck.

There are many ways that you can get a discount on that gorgeous outfit that you desire so much. Use your imagination and be creative. You will find a way to get your outfit for a price that is reasonable to you.

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