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How to Create the Ideal Home Office You’ll Enjoy Working In

Working from home is an awesome perk, but not if you’re stuck working on the cluttered corner of the kitchen table. To ensure maximum focus and creativity, you need to provide yourself with optimal working conditions. Consider creating a tranquil space that lends itself to getting things done while fostering productivity and creativity. Comfort and functionality are the keys to making your office space enjoyable while performing your day-to-day tasks. Here are some tips on how to create a perfect space that stimulates your mind and productivity.

Find the Middle Ground Between Beauty and Functionality

Uncluttered WorkspacePlan a perfect mix of functionality and aesthetic appeal for maximum efficiency. Everyone has personal taste and preferences, so you should take it into account when planning for your ideal office space. Just don’t go to extremes – remember that functionality comes first, and too much mumbo-jumbo can distract you from focusing on important tasks. But, don’t worry – there are many ways to achieve this without necessarily compromising one for the sake of the other.

Proper Lighting is Essential

You don’t need the brightest area of your home but you don’t want to feel like you’re working in a dark corner, or in a dreaded cubicle either. Having a sun-drenched room can improve your mood and increase focus and productivity but it can also create glare on your monitor screen and eye-strain. So, don’t forget additional lighting floor and table lamps are perfect for balancing the light or if you’re working late hours. Also, consider using natural light bulbs or a light therapy device. As for colors, keep your palette light and airy to give the room illusion of brighter and bigger space.

Make Sure You’re Comfy

Free up all available space and get rid of unwanted stuff. If there’s stuff that you don’t want and/or use often in the room you’re supposed to make a home office in, you may have to find a reliable storage service to take stuff to or simply donate it or give it away to make room for the essential work things. Plan your workspace – map out your workflow and room layout before you purchase any new furniture. If you’re meeting with clients at your home, make sure to provide a sitting area. Add a small table as an additional surface for files, or a place for snacks and refreshments. And remember – clutter is not good for productivity.

Brand It!

If you meet your clients in  your home office, you need to make sure it also reflects your brand along with your personality. You can do that by adding branding colors throughout décor and designing the space to reflect your marketing message. Creating a home office that reflects who you are as a brand is a great daily reminder of your business goals.

Don’t Forget to Check the Ergonomics

Chair and monitor height, desk height, mouse and keyboard placement – these are all very important aspects of day-to-day work you’ll be doing. Consider the following:

  • Eyes should be 24-36 inches away from the computer screen. The top of the monitor should be at eye-level.
  • Feet should be on a foot rest or resting on the floor.
  • A slightly reclined chair posture is best to minimize lower back pain.

When you address the ergonomics, your workspace will be much more comfortable and functional. As a result, you’ll be more productive and engaged when you’re working.

Spice It Up

Now that you’ve created a bright, functional and branded workspace, it’s time to liven it up. You can add fresh flowers or plants. Not only do they look good, but they provide clean purified oxygen for your office. Add a few personal touches and items for inspiration: Photos of loved ones, or a piece of art you admire, anything that can motivate you to keep working hard.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re spending just a few hours a week, or you’re working full-time at your home, designing a perfect office space can mean a great deal for the future endeavors. When you commit to it, shoot for optimal comfort and efficiency! Whatever the case, these tips will surely get you back on track to creating a safe and productive working environment.


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